That 70's Show, revisited

I have looked and looked for the thread regarding this question, but I cannot find it. Earlier there was a question about the character Fez and what his real name was.

I was watching the 100th episode musical celebration (hilarious, by the way) and it was explained that Fez is not the character’s real name. The one time on the show he said his name was in the hallway of a school and a bell was ringing as he spoke. Even reading his lips wouldn’t do any good, since he was reciting the names of the other actors. The country he comes from is also intentionally a mystery- sort of like the Springfield joke in The Simpsons.
As for the 100th episode-

Just about everyone seemed to sing on their own, but I am 99% sure Mila Kunis (Jackie) was lip synching.

What did you guys think of the episode?

And what the heck happened to Eric’s older sister?

I think everybody was lip synching. From what I could tell it was their own voices though. I thought it(the 100th episode) was kinda lame. To much singing. The special afterwords was pretty good. I didnt agree with the top 10 but I can’t bitch because I didn’t vote. In my defense, I had no knowledge of the voting.

Laura Preppon is a goddess.
Just thought I’d share that…

Laura Prepon may be a goddess but that whiny little girl voice she sang in definitely knocked her down a few notches in my book. Who on earth would choose that voice INSTEAD of her real voice?

If you listened to the guys, only Kelso had what could be described as a decent singing voice. Eric was maybe passable but Hyde was beyond bad.

I have new respect for Jackie and Fez.

First, all singing in tv shows and movies is lip-synced. Songs are recorded to perfection in studios and then played back on the set. This avoids many extraneous noises, like the huffing and puffing of amateurs trying to sing and dance at the same time. Like the 70s cast, none of whom other than Wilmer could sing or dance.

But it’s a lot easier, so I’ve heard, to lip-sync to your own voice. And the voices of Donna and Jackie in the later song suddenly became fifty times better than they were in the first song segment and Jackie especially was trying and completely failing to keep up with the stranger’s voice. Donna wasn’t much better at it. This was so noticeable that I think it became a deliberate joke.

And both Lisa Kelly (Laurie) and Tayna Roberts (Midge) were left out of the special. Laurie at least was in (silently) a couple of shots, but Tayna was conspicable by her absence. And that really makes me wonder. After all, a 100th show is for the fans and the fans were going to notice. Why not just give them a sentence’s mention and make it less obvious that their parting wasn’t mutual?

That said, I enjoyed the 100th episode. That 70s Show has made dream sequences one of the best continuing bits all the way through the series, and the other characters’ exasperation with Fez as he went off yet again made it even funnier.

But I was really surprised that Eric’s Cousin was the number one show. Most of the rest of the top ten were a lot better.

Now, is there a reconcilliation between Eric and Donna coming up as the trailers teased?

Crappy clip show. (Who the hell is in charge of putting together clip shows these days?!? First The Simpsons sucked, then the Gilda Radner one sucked, not this one – all three could have been fantastic given the material they had to draw on.)

The 100th ep wasn’t particularly good. I agree, too much singing. It was clear that the actors were lip-synching, but also pretty clear they were synching off their own voices, with the exception of Mila Kunis. It was fantastically jarring to hear a powerful, soulful voice coming out of her tiny little body. (Although I think she may have been giving it the ol’ college try on the few lines she had in the last number.)

I also was disappointed with the choice of the #1 episode, at least until I watched it again – it really was very, very funny. Especially the bit where Fez was wearing Eric’s underwear on his head.


I think Fez may be from Argentina, because he mentioned his country beating the British in a war.

Not to get into a Simpsons-esque debate, but Fez is not from anywhere real, just as Springfield is not anywhere real. He also at one point said, “I am going back home to the island of…” He never finished the sentence.

Didn’t see the 100th special, but from what I’m reading here, I didn’t miss much other than singing and dancing.

Never mind Laura Prepon…when’s Mila Kunis going to do her Maxim shoot like Laura did? :slight_smile:

My roommate and I decided last night that the perfect explanation for Fez’s origins would be if, in the final episode, Fez would say, “well, thanks for teeechiin me zo mach about hoomanity,” then disappearing into a spaceship.

Not only could these writers make that funny, but that’s what would have happened in a real 70s sitcom.


I watched five minutes, realized it was going to be crap, and changed the channel. I did see just enough of the cast special to note how pretty Debra Jo Rupp is without her awful “Kitty” hairdo!

that 70’s show got old after the 3rd or 4th episode. why does it happen in the 70’s? sure, they get to wear stupid clothes and dumb wigs, but other than that it’s just a run-of-the-mill sitcom. maybe if they did something to ground it in that decade, but other than a handful of references it’s pretty generic in regards to when it’s supposed to be happening.

Alas, I think That 70’s Show jumped the shark with the 100th episode.

In “Space Cowboy”, Laura Prepon was singing, and rather well I thought. But in the later number, neither she nor Mila was singing. I guess that Mila is so bad that they had them both lip sync to incredibly ridiculous voices just to make it into a joke.

I do think Mila sang one line herself in the final number. I thought the whole episode was incredibly lame, but there were a couple of funny moments. Roger Daltry was pretty funny. I liked the scene where the toilet papered his house, and I liked the ending when they were sitting around in the basement.

So Fez stands for Foreign Exchange Ztudent? How odd.

I just couldn’t believe they pre-empted my 24 for that.

I liked the 100th episode alot. I can’t really find anything bad to say about the show. Every show I’ve ever seen has made me laugh, and that says a lot compared to most TV these days (minus The Osborne’s and Malcolm in the Middle) IMO.

I do think they were hinting at some kind of reconcilliation between Donna and Eric though :D.

Mila Kunis did a shoot in Stuff magazine.

If that’s a sign that he’s an Argentinian, it must also be a sign that he’s psychic.

Hey! My friends and I decided that Fez was an alien fifty or so episodes ago. We have a $20 bet riding on the writers working that into the last episode. (I think they will).

As for the 100th episode - it was kind of cheesy (especially with the fake voices), but I still love it. That 70’s Show is definitely #2 on my list of Greatest TV Shows, right after The Simpsons. Thank God for Fox, is all I have to say (Malcolm in the Middle is my #3).

She was fired from the show. According to a fan site of her’s she is battling a drug and alcohol problem. FWIW, she was taken out of the opening credits at the beginning of 2002. I don’t believe her disapperance was ever explained away on the show though.

Guh! And I missed it? Well, I don’t really get “Stuff” regularly, but I guess I should have seen that one. Drat.

Was it a recent issue?

nineiron, it was probably six or seven months ago, if not more. I used to get Stuff (um…it was free? and occasionally funny? and had lots of nice boobies in it?) but let the subscription lapse. Have you checked their website?