Ron Howard's Beatles film on Hulu

I’m about half way through watching it, and frankly, it’s so rich and (for me) so emotional that I have to take breaks.

This film presents in documentary form with interviews, concert footage, news footage What It Was About the Beatles.

I don’t think they were the greatest band of all time. But they were brand new, witty, irreverent, charismatic, clever, fun, and brilliant. And what they did was ride the crest of the wave that was the enormous social, cultural, stylistic, and political changes of the 1960s. The vast difference between the USA in 1960 and 1970 is hard to convey if you didn’t live through it…and yet this film does some of that.

A microcosmic example: I started college in the fall of 1966. For the first three years I went to class every day in a dress, heels, and hose. Pants were forbidden on campus except in the gym and on the playing field. Then came the Summer of Love. In my senior year and after that in graduate school, I attended class in bell-bottomed jeans.

They didn’t create the social and political change and they didn’t create the pop culture revolution, but they were THERE just in front of the edge of it. The changes in music, fashion, style, thought (the Human Potential Movement that morphed into New Age-ism)-- all of that followed in their wake.

Watching this took me back to my high school and college days-- the future ahead of me leading down some Long and Winding Road… holy crap. Being taken there is exhilarating and excruciating. If you were born a couple of years on either side of 1950, this film will hit you right between the eyes. A few years older, or a few years younger, and it likely won’t.

Interesting. On their second tour to the USA, they refused to play for segregated audiences in Florida. They were 19-year olds.

Who were 19 years old? George Harrison, the youngest of the Beatles, was 22 years old in 1965. Paul was 23, and John and Ringo were 25.

Is there any way to see this outside of Hulu? I know it was in theaters for a minute, but that minute has passed.

You can get a free trial on Hulu, watch it, then cancel. It costs something like $4.00 per month. Your name tells me you’re a fan.

Cochrane can correct me if I’m wrong about the cost of Hulu. I need monitoring.

I don’t know anything about Hulu. I don’t subscribe to it.

More about this in this thread (because the Hollywood Bowl live CD is being released in conjunction with the documentary.)

Just noticed you can ‘save’ it in your Netflix queue. Presumably it will be released on DVD at some point.

Amazon lists it on DVD and Blue Ray with a release date of November 18.

I would love to see this film. $20, huh? :slight_smile:

Or a free trial on Hulu.

A few selected cinemas in the UK are showing it this week and next, so with luck I’ll see it on a big screen tonight!
And apparently they’ll also be showing the cleaned-up Shea Stadium footage after it. :slight_smile:

I saw this in the theater, with the cleaned up Shea Stadium footage. I was born a few years on this side of 1950, but I still really enjoyed it. A remarkable film. I really like the celebrities reminiscing about going to see the Beatles live in their teens–I wish they had done a little more of that. The footage of the girls going crazy was fun, too. I guess I payed well over $20 for me and my wife, after the popcorn was included, but it was well worth it.

The Shea Stadium footage was amazing in how close they sounded to their album cuts, even under terrible conditions.

There is sound “sweetening” (audio overdubbed or “flown in” from other performances) in certain songs and various clips were colorized, but even knowing that, I enjoyed it immensely. The highlights for me were the songs from Manchester, Ringo kicking ass in the Washington show, the rooftop concert (don’t blink or you’ll miss George actually smiling!) and “I’m Down” from Shea.

Saw it on a big cinema screen last night.
As blondebear says, the couple of songs from the Manchester gig were a highlight. It also showed just what Beatlemania was like from both sides and, while I was a little young at the time to appreciate the music much (except to know it was the BEST!), seeing the old tv news footage, etc. brought back memories…