Ron Jeremy Rum

No, I’m not kidding. An adult rum, no less.

A “7 year old premium rum from Panama.”

I don’t know whether or not I’d drink it, but I want a bottle anyway.

Holy smoke, could there be more phallic symbols in that ad??

I’d expect it to have pubes floating around in it.

Is the bottle covered with hair? Like a chia pet?

Shouldn’t that be 18 year old for Adult? :smiley:

What, no comments so far about pouring a stiff drink? Y’all are going classy on me…

Can this rum drink itself?

Making jokes is too hard and it takes a long time to think of them.

Last time I dabbled with a 7 year-old from Panama, the cops showed up. The rest of that night is something I’d like to forget.

“Drink of a Legend”? Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

No way I’m clicking on that from work. But I’m reeeaaalllly tempted!

Didja notice the line at the bottom of the page? “Produced by One Eyed Spirits”

I didn’t see anything NSFW. It has a snake curling around the bottle. The bookshelf in the background had some odd looking objects that were sort of phallic shaped, but certainly not vulgar in any way. The only other thing I saw was a grape fruit sliced in half on the table and some other fruit that sort of reminded me of a vajayjay. Again, it wasn’t vulgar in any way if you ask me.

The ‘other fruits’ are figs. But then there’s that cigar in the astray. That’s was the first thing to catch my eye. Even before I read the thread I was thinking it was an odd shaped cigar to put in an ad.

ETA, the other fruits on the left are figs. On the right it looks like a pomegranate (with way too many seeds) and something else.

As usual, whenever I hear Ron Jeremy, the first thing I think of is Ron Howard…now that phallic symbols make a lot more sense.

I clicked it. It got blocked!



Well, I signed up for the release announcement. If it’s not outrageously expensive, it will make a good bottle for my poker game guys.

(paraphrasing) from an episode of Bullshit: Ron Jeremy selling male enhancement drugs is like a rabbit selling hydroponic carrots. He’s very interested in the length of the carrot, but he doesn’t know the first thing about farming.

Extend (hurr) the metaphor to booze. I’ll pass.

That’s definitely a pomegranate, and I don’t think there’s way too many seeds at all. Looks pretty reasonable to me. The slimy fruit below it, I’m not sure. It looks a bit like some variety of custard apple/sweetsop/saramuyo or something else in the annona family, but I can’t quite identify it.

Read headline as Run Jeremy Run. I think I like my way better.