Ron Paul wasn't on my ballot

All this talk about him and he’s not even there. I don’t think he’s gonna win on a write in, either.

Excellent user name/thread title combo.

Yeah, well, I didn’t do it on purpose. :smiley:

He “isn’t there” in most places. He isn’t running, although I understand that a couple of state parties have nominated him without his active participation.

But he’s going to be the next president! All the polls that don’t include him are unfair! If he were on the ballot, he’d get 50% of the vote!!!11!!

I swear, I’ve read recent comments like this on other sites.

He was right there on the top of mine. I wonder if he’s going to spoil Montana for McCain. (Yeah, probably not. It’ll be interesting to see how many votes he does get, though.)

Ron Paul is not running. If you want an RP-esque candidate, you’re stuck with Bob Barr :eek: for the Libertarian Party and Chuck Baldwin :eek::eek: of the Constitution Party.

Yes, I :eek: at them both- it is indeed possible to be too far Right for FriarTed.

It’s kinda like the furor over y2k. Listen to the right folk and it was the coming of the apocalypse. Listen to some of the folks (like digg, for example) and he was a shoe in.

He never had a chance in hell of winning, and that is a good thing.

I thought Ron Paul was a Republican?