Ron Paul

Electoral fraud is rife in the US. Ron Paul is way ahead in all the straw polls yet the corporate controlled media are ignoring him. It’s bizarre and criminal yet the sleeping mainstream simply believe their corrupt media which is controlled by a corrupt State which is leading the US down the road to Fascism. They are terrified of Ron Paul and his followers for they have woken up to a system that was infiltrated by foreign banking/corporate interests over the last 50 years with the purpose of bringing down the USA, destroying the constitution and replacing it all with a Fascist State.:mad:


Ron Paul is a nutjob, and his followers are deluded.

Huh. How’s he doing in the primaries and caucuses?

Why would foreign banking and corporate interests want to do that? Seems to me they make a lot more money from a nation of capitalist consumers than they would if our government collapsed and we became fascist.

He’d be doing a lot better if it weren’t for all the electoral fraud, obviously.

:smack: Of course. Obviously I didn’t think this all the way through.

I’m still mildly confused as to how the corporate controlled and corrupt media is committing electoral fraud, but I suppose I just have to think some more.

Funny, here’s a story on Ron Paulthat was published today by the mainstream media.

So is Ron Paul’s campaign actively working to steal delegates from Mitt Romeny, despite Romney winning straw polls and caucases? Sounds like Paul is trying to destroy the Constitution!

I wondered about that, and mentioned it the in thread on the Colorado caucus. That caucus had a straw poll (which Santorum won), but also selected officially uncommitted delegates to the next (regional) level. Those delegates can support any delegate they like to state level (and those delegates will be committed), and that could include Paul, Romney, and Gingrich; and commit no delegates at all to the winner of the straw poll.

This whole Republican system this year is just weird.

Are you under the impression that there is some sort of incompatibility between capitalism and fascism? Quite the contrary. Fascism is the combination of a totalitarian, dictatorial political system with a capitalist economic system. It does not involve a “collapsed” government either, but a very strong one.

(I am not supporting the OP here. Ron Paul is a loon and I doubt whether America is really on the brink of falling into fascism, but please get your terms right. To imply that fascism means the end of capitalism is on a par with calling Obama a socialist.)

Even if the evil corporate controlled media never existed and I had lived in a cave for the last 10 years, and I based my opinion on just the words coming out of Ron Pauls own mouth, I would want anyone elected but him. i think his ideas are terrible. I think his grasp of ecconomics is beyond poor.

He will not be president, not because of some corporate conspiracy but because he wouldn’t be very good at it.

FTR, Ron Paul bought the mailing list of an anti-Holocaust group, because he thought those personalities might enjoy his newsletter. So claims that he opposes a Fascist state are a little rich. Besides, the guy is working hand in glove with Romney anyway. Discussion.

Well, I certainly am! Holy smoke, look at the stuff they’ll post on a public message board!

Anti-Holocaust means Holocaust denier, right? Because, I know I probably wouldn’t join a group over it, but I consider myself pretty anti-Holocaust.

Fascism and capitalism can exist together, certainly, but I was questioning the OP, which said:

I do consider that to be a collapse of the government, and such a turn of events would probably bring about sufficient economic turmoil as to lower the profits of those “foreign banking/corporate interests” that are allegedly trying to cause such a collapse.

Well, I’ve never seen someone argue on the internet for Ron Paul before, especially while spouting conspiracy theories too. I’m sold.

“Foreign bankers,” eh? Why not just go ahead and say, “Jews?” It’s not like there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know what you’re trying to say, anyway.

Santorum all over the straw poll? Must be the lamestream media conducting it!

Well, he might be referring to the alien lizard people. Which would be much more interesting; paranoia over Jewish conspiracies is so dated. “The banks are being taken over by the lizard people” would be far more entertaining than yet more ranting about the Jews.

Aren’t the lizard people controlled by The Illuminati? Or am I thinking of the Freemasons?