Ronde Barber >> Tiki Barber

Just wanted to put that out there, it needs to be said. Ronde is a Hall of Famer, Tiki not so much. For many years Tiki got all the pub and there are probably many souls who still think he’s the better brother by virtue of him playing a position that shows up in the stat sheet and on fantasy lineups, but really it’s not even close.

Agreed 1000%. Ronde Barber is very, very underrated. He was as good as Champ Bailey, IMO, but didn’t get the pub because he was not a pure cover man, which is what most people look for in the position. He also doesn’t look like a big strong run stopper, and he doesn’t blow guys up.

But he was a very sure tackler, terrific at preventing backs from getting wide. He was a huge part of their run defense. Fantastic zone coverage defender. Probably the best blitzing CB ever.