Room 101

Just finished Orwell’s 1984. What would you find behind the doors of your Room 101?

You may not want to post the same question in multiple forums. 'Tis against the rules.

I just realized what happened. I was originally posting in IMHO- it did’t occur to me that it would be better off in CS until I had already submitted the form. I had assumed cancelling the action before it had the opportunity to be completed would be sufficient. Moderator, please kill this post, and me.

Right now - probably ANYONE connected with collecting my rent or council tax! :frowning:

btw - So, is the television programme “Room 101” also shown in DarkBrown’s land, which I see is Boston?

Donald Rumsfeld.

Anything involving me being prodded by needles and given IVs or blood tests.

I have got a question: Where exactly can I read up on the rules?

Check “About This Message Board” - questions about rules are often questions that have been asked and answered before, and if that turns out not to be the case, well, that’s the forum to put your enquiries about the rules and running of the board in.

(Yeah - and I know prepositions are not for ending sentences with) :slight_smile:

Lazy me :slight_smile: