So, in the IMHO section, there are supposed to be no disagreements?

people were disagreeing with me and i was disagreeing with them. but nobody told them to quit posting. its unfair to single me out when EVERYONE was disagreeing. if you want a drama free section of the board, fine, that is a good idea, but to single me out, a newbie to the board, is a bit unwelcoming when my comments were no worse than any else.

I don 't have anything to say about the question you’re posing, but you’re not a “newbie.” You have a join date of April 2005 and 270 posts. I realize that a huge number of them are from the last two days, but you certainly were here in in 2012, when you posted around 130-something times.

Can’t be stuffed reading the whole thread. Can you link to your offending posts so’s I can determine whether you’ve been picked on or otherwise?

Oh, and you call yourself a ‘newbie’ when your registration date was 2005? :dubious:

yes, right, of course. i’m going to remember the rules and regulations from a site i posted on in 2012. over a year ago at least.

As the mod in question, I did tell everyone to get back to the OP and to take all debates about it to Great Debates. I say it in this post, last sentence…so you were not singled out in that regard.

You were singled out when you:

  1. Insulted another member
  2. Made a post that seemed to be little else but “Haha, I made you mad!” and…
  3. Kept on debating in that thread after I asked you (and everyone else) to take it to GD.

IMHO exists mostly to ask for opinions, hence the name of the forum. Great Debates is more suited for debates, and although there can sometimes be crossover and debates that start in IMHO topics, the mods try to keep it separate as best as possible.

You were the main person in that thread arguing your points…which–after you gave your initial opinions and repeated it 2-3 times–becomes a topic that is more only about you and you debating against everyone else in the topic.
Saying and making your viewpoint clear is okay a few times, but when it comes down to a huge debate that interrupts the topic (and even degrades into a few insults being thrown around), that is better suited for the GD (without the insults) or the Pit (with them).

My point stands: You can make a thread in Great Debates continuing your debate if you want. You can link to that thread and you can even quote posters’ posts from it if you want. You are not being censored, you were only asked to take it to a better suited forum.
Everyone else was asked the same thing.

i do not appreciate being told i was not supposed to respond to people in a thread about the “most annoying things atheists do”. the fault there, of placing such a thread in the drama free zone of your webpage, seems to be on the one who placed it in that section. i can think of few other topics that would attract more drama.

sorry, but i dont feel like linking you. first i am told, you can not post her, if you have a complaint, go post it somewhere else. now i am told i am supposed to go back and select out the offending links for you. this is getting a bit tedious.

well maybe your time would be spent more efficiently by preventing people from making posts about “the most annoying things atheists do” in your drama free section then telling me i’m wrong for having the same response 3 times in a row.

also, i don’t consider it an insult to call someone who is acting stupid, stupid. i’d consider it an insult to call someone stupid simply because i was losing an argument. but i guess you have a different opinion.

I’ll quote you what I said in the other topic (here):

As for calling someone stupid, we do consider it an insult here, no matter what the circumstance is. You can call another poster “stupid” in the BBQ Pit forum if you want, but not in any other forum.

you know, i’m sure that it is hard to moderate a board as large and contentious as SDMB. but i think if you are going to be really really really honest, you’d have to agree a thread about “most annoying things atheists do” is going to automatically attract drama and disagreement. this is why i feel like i was singled out. there is no attempt on your part to say well maybe the thread itself was misplaced.

well then that is stupid. no matter what the circumstance? what an odd rule to make.

The other thread (which is the flip side of that coin) appears to be doing okay with no huge debate in it, but if one started in that one, I’d make the same notes to whoever was engaged in it.

Going from memory, we’ve had religious topics in IMHO before that have been debate-free (since they were looking for opinions) and even some that did start a debate or two. Those ones that did usually (like this one) got modded to take the debate to GD.

It’s also true that sometimes IMHO topics that have a debate going on in them are moved to Great Debates…but in this case, it was not a general debate, it was one guy debating against everyone else in the topic. Not enough to warrant moving the topic, just enough to tell that person (and others) to please take the debate out of the thread.

did they include the title the 10 most annoying things group ABC does?

You can call them stupid all you want…in the Pit. That’s what the Pit is for. You make the topic there and then link back to the first topic (like you did in this forum with this topic).

You can easily check that yourself by clicking the link, but if all that is still too tedious for you, the short answer is: Yes.

seems to me, if a person is being stupid, you should be able to say so regardless of where they are. stupid is not that big an insult, really.

i meant the topics you spoke of in the past. that is immaterial however. if you can not admit that a thread titled “the most annoying things group ABC does” in the drama free section of your webpage is not misplaced, then i seriously doubt your level of honesty.

Actually, the topics are “The most annoying arguments”, which, IMHO, is vastly different from “The most annoying things they do”.


i consider that to be a completely ridiculous distinction. its not the worst idea i heard all day but pretty close. more to the point, both invite drama.

Why not post on one of the thousands of other online forums that agrees with your approach to human interactions? This one is obviously ill-suited to you.

oh no, thats not arrogant at all. so you can say that to me, and its fine, but if i call someone stupid, thats wrong. bizzare. most bizzare.