Roomies of the opposite gender.

I suppose, at almost 43, I should be settled down & not having roommates. But, I have a house, I travel a lot so I need the occasional dogsitter, and what the hell, my old friend Joe needed a cheap place to stay while he gets over some financial crap. I’ve always had male friends, and twice in my life long-term male housemates…our respective SO’s don’t mind, so here we are. :slight_smile: I got to thinking about the pros & cons of having different gendered roomies.

:smiley: Pros: He has way cooler power tools than I do.

I have to give up very little bathroom counter space.

He doesn’t care about decorating anything, so the main living area is basically “mine.”

I can use his razor.

He doesn’t use mine.

He orders lots of delivery dinners (pizza, Chinese, Thai) and I get to share.

He buys Pepperidge Farm cookies, I eat them, & he doesn’t mind.

:frowning: Cons: He NEVER changes the toilet paper roll.

I still take out the trash.

The toilet seat is always up. (Maybe it’s supposed to be, though.)

I can’t borrow tampons from him.

I can’t borrow foofy cosmetics from him.

There is ice climbing gear and 87 pairs of skis in my living room.

“Dr.” Laura disapproves of the whole arrangement.

Overall, though, I’ve been happier sharing living quarters with men than women.


Hey what, you’re sharing resources and living space, not to mention helping out a friend, so that makes you immature? :confused:

You misclassified this one.

Damn, matt, you beat me to it. That was just what I was thinking.

Well, I’m 23 so maybe the rules aren’t the same, but yeah-
I have had 4 male roommates, at different times. At one point I lived with 2 girls and three guys. It was an adventure.

But the men don’t mind when I wash dead animals in the bathtub for taxidermy purposes, and they don’t complain about the smell of formaldehyde as much as the gals.

Plus, the men i tend to live with are…kinda girly sometimes.
I can’t borrow tampons from them, but we do share eachother’s clothes on occasion. And makeup.

Kinda the best of both worlds.

Although the are messy and they always leave the butter out.
I just read this over and realized it’s not very helpful.
Sorry. I will post it anyway.

Ahhhhh! Settled down?! In my opinion the most interesting people are those who never settle down. I mean think about it. . . the phrase has the word “settle” as in “I guess I’ll settle for the regular oreos but I prefer the double stuff ones.” Anyway, my hat is off to you for surviving 43 years un-settled down. Keep it up.

Secondly, while I’ve never had a male roommate (I’m a girl), I’ve had several female roommates and they never ever changed the TP roll - did they use it? Yes! Why didn’t they change it? don’t know.

Currently, for the first time in my life I’m living alone and simply adore it. deep sigh of satisfaction

“dr.” Laura? Pshaw!

Ah, a topic near and dear to my heart…

I’ve got two male roomies right now, and the cons are outweighing the pros at the moment. My domestic space is very important to me and it’s not as important to the guys. Thus, a messy, dirty apartment. To be fair, I think this has more to do with personality issues than with gender issues. Still, I’d rather live with one of my tidy female friends. Come August and the expiration of my lease, I’m outta here.

racerx’s deep sigh of satisfaction is about to be sucked up by me.

For the last 2 1/2 years I’ve been living alone - my first time. I love every minute of it. Frankly, I wish I had done it sooner (was 25 when I moved in, was married & divorced prior to this, but that’s another thread).

Unfortunately, I live in Southern CA. That means my lovely little (550 sq ft) apartment is getting too pricey for me to live in it alone. $825/mo was getting out of hand. So I decided to suck it up and go back to having a roommate.

On March 1 I shall move in with a man. :eek: Well, my SO doesn’t have a problem with it (although it probably wasn’t his top choice), nor does anyone else I’ve told. Frankly, it’s a good living situation. And now, thanks to the above list, I have some things that I can look forward to. Thanks!

::taking the plunge with a male roomie::

matt_mcl~ You have a point. I really should be glad I’m doing something “Dr” panties-in-a-wad Laura disapproves of!
Thanks for pointing it out. :smiley: