Root of These Pop-Ups? (See Inside)

I have a pop-up blocker, and it can be diabled for a moment in order for me to click on legitimate links. While doing so, I was hit by an almost endless stream of pop-ups warning me about spyware. (Window after window after window…) Once under control, it seemed any window I opened then after would trigger a similar response. (Have you experienced this, too?)

I suspected some executable file got installed on my PC. I then used MacAfee Virus scan to locate/identify any rogue files. It did find ossproxy.exe as a suspicious file, but it cannot be deleted! Is anyone aware what this is? Is this the culprit? And, can it be disabled, if not deleted? I did “quarantine” with Macafee, but I am unsure what this does, exactly!

(If it helps, the path for the suspicious file was C:\WINNT\System32\ossproxy.exe)

Any info you can provide would be of great help.


  • Jinx has this entry:

It looks like this is relatively easy to uninstall. Of course, it may not be the only problem you’re having.

Does a reboot of your system clear this up?

Just in case this is relevant, many anti-virus programs, as well as spyware/adware removers such as “Ad-Aware” or “SpyBot: Search and Destroy” will not find the offending targets unless they are run in Windows “Safe Mode”.

If you haven’t already done this, reboot into safe mode and run these programs from there.

Thanks for the advice. Good info to keep handy when the pop-ups just won’t be stopped-up! - Jinx