Root stimulator

Is there a difference in which one uses for garden plants and grass?

not sure what you mean, seaweed based plant solutions are good for stimulating root growth though.

The guys who sold us grass plugs are hawking their own liquid fertilizer as being better suited than granular stuff. I was wondering if their is any difference from the liquid stuff I can spray on a flower garden.

I think the liquid ones give a faster feed, but the granular are more a slow release.

I doubt there’d be much difference between their brand and any other fertilizer designed for lawns.

It looks like that stuff would more correctly be called a microbial soil amendment than fertilizer. The Soil Guy explains the difference pretty well.

Your link doesn’t say anything about what is in the stuff so its a tough call whether its any good or not. The fact that they have been in the business for a long time leans me toward risking the $25 on their say so. Getting the soil / dirt in good condition is a longer term fix than applying chemical fertilizer.

They won’t sell it in Arkansas.

I’m curious what the difference between it and other fertilizers is. Maybe it makes weeds that infest soybeans and rice grow well. :slight_smile:

The stuff you linked to is not fertilizer – it is a soil amendment.

If you want to use fertilizer then their advice to use a liquid fertilizer specifically designed for zoysia is correct. You don’t necessarily need to buy it from them, but you should definitely use on that is designed for zoysia.

They are a reputable company. I would follow their advice. Zoyzia lawns are very nice and very low maintenance once you get them going.

Thanks, Turble.