Rooting for the Monster in movies


I was on the side of the asteroid. I cheered when Bruce Willis’s character died.

It kinda casts Starling in a bit of a different light. She heard that Lector escaped and thought about her own safety (and concluded that Lector wouldn’t come after her), but it seems she never gave any thought to who Lector would want to seek out.

Who were you rooting for in Species?

King Kong, in every version. Except for, maybe, King Kong vs Godzilla where the G-Man is the hero, sort of. Love the old guy. I even recently watched, and liked, the Jack Black version.:eek: Kong is the man. A complete Shakespearian tragic hero. What gal wouldn’t want to show up at the prom with this guy facing down her asshole ex-boyfriend?

Godzilla was the heel in GvsKK; Kong was the face. You remember incorrectly.

I always root for the Gremlins because they are hilarious. Maybe the Cenobites, it depends on the victim.

Fair point; it’s just that the Super8 alien was “The Monster” for story-telling purposes for the bulk of the story. He/she/it became sympathetic through revelation of what the U.S. Government did to him/her/it.

The monster in Gorgo(1961) was pretty sympathetic.

I assume we’re not counting where the monster is the hero. Later Showa-era Godzilla and Gamera, for example.

I’m rooting for the zombies in The Walking Dead. It’s been this long and the survivors still can’t get their crap together? Depending on how it goes in ASOIAF, I might wind up rooting for the zombies in the books and/or show.

I was kinda hoping that Raymond Burr would be whacked.

Lifeforce. Foe obvious reasons

That version is an abomination and should be expunged! I’ve been re-watching the Toho films and having a blast. The original Godzilla, even with sub-titles, is sooo much better than that Burr travesty.

btw, unless you’re forced at gunpoint, avoid Frankenstein Conquers the World. It’s Manos bad.

You’re just angry that they picked Burr instead of Randolph Scott.

Alfred Hitchcock was famous for getting audiences to sympathize with/root for the bad guys. The classic example is Norman Bates in “Psycho”, who cleans up after “his mother’s” grisly deeds. As he is pushing the late Marion Crane’s car into a lake, there is a moment when it stops halfway, still sticking out of the water. There is a loooong pause in which Norman silently debates what to do, before the car finally sinks all the way into the lake. Norman, and the audience, breaths sighs of relief.

Another famous moment is when the villain in “Stranger on a Train” accidentally drops a key piece of evidence he was intending to use to frame the hero into a sewer drain. There’s a tense sequence as the villain tries to fish the evidence out of the sewer before the good guys’ (who are searching for him) catch up and find him.

LOL, Chet.

:smiley: I like to think Randolph Scott would have had too much dignity for that role.

I’d agree with many here, rooting for King Kong, but only in the original, 70’s remake and Kong Island. I wish Kong was really real in Peter Jackson’s mess, so that he could have stomped on Jackson and spared us all from further crappy, loooooooong movies of his in the future.

Scott would have beaten Godzilla in a fist fight.

Obligatory Randolph Scott reference

Randolph Scott.

The mammalian alien in Aliens 4: Resurrection.

When 900 years old, you reach, look as good, you will not.

:slight_smile: torture is so unseemly

and of course Randolph would have beat Godzilla, Godzilla has no reach. Plus, hello, he’s Randolph Scott!