ROT-13 for spoilers.

In this post right here Chron-dude, the genius that he is, suggested (in a roundabout way) that ROT-13 encoding should be used so we can discuss plot points (aka spoilers) without ruining the work under discussion for the unenlightened. I think this is a great idea: ROT-13 is a trivial method of encoding (you simply move 13 places right in the alphabet (wrapping around from z to a, natch) to encode and decode) that sufficiently masks the meaning you have to want to decode it in order to read it. There are also so many freeware implementations of this nobody should have to make a monetary investment. Of course, the more technically minded among you could dash off a few lines of Perl (douglips might, for example) or C or Brainfuck and implement ROT-13 that way. So what do y’all think?

A program with ROT-13 implementation is right here (scroll down):

Sounds good to me. The mods didn’t like people posting in morse code because it made more work for them. Since Chronos suggested this, I’m sure he won’t mind being responsible for moderating all encoded posts;).

Ack! If you’re going to go as far as Brainfuck, you might as well code it in Rube!

It does sound like a reasonable solution, provided the mods have no objection…and the assuming that the less-technically oriented among us are willing to adapt.

The reason the mods disliked the Morse code was because it was pointlessly inane and took up massive amounts of space to say anything. ROT-13, however, would serve a purpose (hiding plot points from those who don’t want to read them) and would take up exactly the same amount of space as their plaintext counterpart.

I agree, the possibility exists for abuse, but I don’t think any more people would abuse a board that has ROT-13 in general use than a board that didn’t. In my mind, the usefulness (hiding spoilers) outweighs the possible problems (illegal or abusive messages that go undetected for a few moments longer).

Treat with fear and respect anyone who codes in Brainfuck. :smiley: