Rotten Seiko watch

How does one set a lousy Seiko wrist watch?

The thing has an hour hand and a minute hand; I can handle those.

It also has a calendar that is supposed to tell you the day and the date; I cannot handle those. No matter what I do, the thing insists on displaying the day of the week in Spanish and the date seems to be totally random. It ought to be easy but I can’t do it.

Please help.


P.S. Last night, just after midnight, I set the thing for Friday the 31st, which was the current date. This morning, it claimed to be Saturday, the 3rd. Should I just take the damn thing out and shoot it?

You may have a lemon. If you don’t, the day/date is set with the stem a half click out (a whole click is to set the time). If your watch is like mine to move the day forward move the stem clockwise. The change the date, move the stem counterclockwise.

As I recall, the stem has two settings, partially out, and farther out. One sets the hands, the other the digital display.

A model number of the watch would help…

Did you fool around with the time? Once you get the date set, it will change every other time it passes 12. You can tweak this by just barely getting it to click to the proper date if it’s before noon, or by setting it so that tomorrow’s date almost flips over if it’s after noon.

I know how to set it; it just will not stay set. That is, I know about the knob part; does the big hand little hand setting have anything to do with the date and day? Does the watch think it is high noon when it is actually midnight and vice versa?

One rule I remember from the instructions (which I haven’t looked at for more than 20 years) is to not try to set the date within two hours either way of midnight. Mine starts changing the date well ahead of midnight and takes a while to flip. If you try to set the date at the wrong time, it may be in the middle of changing and decide to continue to change and put you a day ahead.

I think I once got into the Spanish day names. If I remember correctly, you have to continue flipping the date forward until you get it to change the days back to English. But, I’m not taking my watch off and trying that to see if I’m right.

Don’t know about your watch in particular, but assuming your watch operates like mine (not a Seiko), try setting the date to one day BEFORE the date you actually want, then run the hour/minute hands forward until you pass 12:00 and the date changes - you’re then just past midnight in the AM hours…run the hour/minute hands forward all the way around until you pass 12:00 again (noon) to set a PM time.

But, if yours jumped from the 31st to the 3rd overnight it sounds like maybe it’s broken (or even counterfeit?) or something.

Thanks for the responses. I will give the two hour thing recommendedbTopologistby. If that doesn’t work, I gonna but a watch with automatic functions.

Before you replace the watch, take a look at this page, which is, I think, where you can download the manual for your watch. You’ll need to know the exact model of your watch to get the correct manual.