Finding out how to set a particular digital watch

I recently bought a new watch and was distressed to discover that the directions included with it do NOT tell me how to switch the date format; currently it’s stuck on British style (day-month) instead of American style (month-day). Moreover, I have tried every combination of buttons I can think of and seem to have exhausted all permutations. (The directions didn’t say how to switch between AM/PM and 24-hour format either, but I found that out by experimentation).

An Internet search was fruitless because the brand name of the watch (Sharp) matches too many other things besides digital watches, the company doesn’t seem to have a website, and the exact model number drew zero matches.

I have never seen a digital watch where you couldn’t switch the date format; and it seems absurd that a watch with five separate alarm times, a countdown timer that can be set for years in advance, a stopwatch/lap counter, an alternate time zone display, and an automatic daylight savings time adjuster has no way to switch to American date format. Are there any comprehensive sites for finding setting directions by watch model I can try?


That’s a company named Sharp that sells electronic appliances, but I’m not sure it’s the same Sharp as made my watch. The website said nothing about timepieces and Sharp is a pretty generic name.

Well, then I can’t really help you. The website logo was identical to all uses of the “SHARP” name I have experienced in the past. Perhaps it is a “knock-off”?

Well, I can give you a few more combinations and/or permutations to try. Sometimes simply pressing a button isn’t sufficient, you may need to press and hold one one of them for a few seconds in order to activate the function. Less commonly, some functions or modes require pressing a button two or three times in quick succession.

I’ve never seen one where you could. I didn’t even know there were watches like that. But I usually buy an inexpensive watch with very few frills.