Where can I find the exact type of watch I seek?

Maybe this is not the place for this type of question, but I am looking for a factual answer, and I’m not looking for advertising, etc. I like an analog watch. I like a watch that shows the date. And I want a watch with an alarm. I have searched a lot, and have found only chronometers and divers watches that have 325 buttons, bezels and dials and all sorts of things I don’t want or need. I also have seen a few that were close to what I am looking for, but they had multiple diamonds and/or were prohibitively expensive. I’m just looking for a serviceable watch, not something beyond that. It’s very hard searching on line, e.g. Froogle. There are thousands of pages and even if I found something, I’d really have to have a good picture of it to buy it on line - although I would, if I found what I was looking for. Do any dopers have any ideas on this quest? Thanks. xo, C.

I think it’s easy to find an analog watch with a date display, but ones with the date and an alarm are less common. But I just searched the website for Sunglass Hut (a chain of stores found in many US malls that sells watches in addition to sunglasses) and there were a couple, including one for $25.

Try the Casio.com website. Casio watches are everywhere, so you can probably find a dealer in your area.

AWE10-1EV has an analog face with a digital date window and has an alarm. $30 direct from casio.