Roy Clark dead at 85.

The passing of another great.

Roy and Glen.

Two on one.

Let’s not forget his appearance on the Odd Couple.


Buck Owens, Roy’s partner on Hee Haw died in 2006.

That show introduced so many people to these star’s music.

Roy was an amazing talent on guitar and banjo. He’ll be missed.


Roy Clark auditions for Drew Carey’s band.

(along with Slash, Rick Nielsen, Dusty Hill, Matthew Sweet, Joey Ramone, Lisa Loeb, Dave Mustaine, Jonny Lang, Michael Stanley, and Joe Walsh.)

Roy and Buck will be pickin’ and grinnin’ together again.

wow… he helped make country popular sure hee-haw was cornball but a lot of people got over the country stereotypes by watching the music…

Sorry to hear that. Country is not my cup of tea, but was a FANTASTIC guitar player.

RIP Mr. Clark; you done good.

I forgot how good of a guitar player he was. Amazing. I do remember his guitar commercial:

oh I do have one quibble …. hunts ketchup was never as good as Heinz…

Man, that sucks. Roy Clark was amazing.

Roy had such staggering talent with just about any stringed instrument you want to place in his hands. I’ll miss your style and your gentle good humor good sir.

Roy Clark always amazed me not only with his masterful precision and blurring speed but with how effortless he made it look. How much hard work went in to making it look that easy?

Sad to hear. I remember him from all the old TV shows. He wasn’t too shabby as a fiddler, either.

The pickin’ and grinnin’ was fun, and good music.

But I remember on guitar piece he did on Hee-Haw, something classical, and it was amazing to look at his face, and intense concentration I’d noticed on very few performers.

Goofy as Hee-Haw was I loved that show.

Yesterday, When I was Young
And I loved his version(s) of Orange Blossom Special. He could play.
ETA: He never passed up a chance to showcase some other performer any time he performed.

I was never much of a country music fan but I totally take my hat off to Roy. A real class act.


Here he is on the Muppet Show

I had this: Roy Clark Deluxe Big Note Guitar Song Book

As good as he was, he couldn’t overcome my lack of talent and laziness.

Roy Clark’s I Never Picked Cotton is a favorite of mine.

He keeps the guitar simple and focuses on singing. It charted #5 in 1970.

Oh yeah, the music on that show was great, and it was partly because of him. His and Gatemouth Brown’s version of Take the A train is probably my favorite version. Possibly the smoothest and most athletic guitar arrangement done live. Sublime. He and Gatemouth were the best combo on so many levels.

My dad was fond of saying “He could play anything with strings”. It wasn’t much of an exaggeration. My dad also said he saw him play a harp once. I can’t find any video evidence of that, but he could play Guitar, Banjo and Violin, so I’d buy it.

See ya, Roy. If I didn’t miss your playing, I’d miss that goddamn smile. And thanks for Hee-Haw. It probably contributed greatly to the man I am today.