RPC Service inaccessible/ Win XP

Okay, yes; I was screwing around with my services, but I know what I’m doing, pretty much. Except, apparently, not.

I did not disable my Remote Procedure Call service. Yet on the first page of the properties window, the “startup type” field (automatic/ manual/ disabled) is greened-out. Not grey, but green. The service status is listed as “started,” but various programs have been not working, with error messages that the RPC service is unavailable.

According to the “dependencies” tab of the properties page, RPC has no dependencies. (either way.) I can’t figure out what has frozen this service. I can’t use my antivirus to scan or update; I can’t install anything. Awk, help!

Look in the System Event Log for anything red.

Open a command prompt and type

NET START “remote procedure call (RPC)”

Is the RPC Locator service running? Do you have a HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RpcSs key?