RPG Maker is the best thing ever.

Why didn’t I know about this before? I just recently aquired a copy of RPG maker, and I’ve been glued to the screen every waking moment since.

After much tinkering, I’ve pretty much got the game down. It’s amazing how powerful it is for a point-and-click deal. Once I figured out the switch thing, it all came together. It makes me want to learn to program so I can really strike out on my own one day.

The backstory to my first game is that the protaganist was kidnapped by a race of doomed space robots and experiemented on for a year. They finally return her to her home- a quaint medieval village. When she gets home, she discovers her cat is missing. Walking around town, she learns that all the animals in the village are missing. While toying around on side quests (like placating the wife of a guy who said he’d “gone fishing” even though there are no fish in river) she discovers that the animals have been taken by space robots to a cave. When she defeats them and frees the animals, she learns that she was made into a cyborg.

From there, who knows? I’d like her to meet up with her Indian girlfriend and go to India for a while. I’d also like her to visit Vladivostock. Eventually she’ll come to like the space robots and try to save them. Maybe she’ll even have the chance to betray humanity in the process.

How am I supposed to sleep tonight when I’ve got all this to think about?

Link? Is this freeware, shareware, or something in stores?

Never heard of it.

The Playstation game?

I’m personally playing a PC version of the Playstation game. It’s of questionable legality so I’m not going to give any links. But do go get the it for you playstation! It rocks.