Rrrrrrr ... rrriiiiiirrrng ,,, beeeeeeeeoooown .. my shitty air guitar

but some songs just make me break out my trusty old air-guitar everytime.

What are you guys songs that makes you look like your tweaking your nipple?

My right nipple is looking like a wangy-bar now…ouch

Just about anything by the Tragicall Hip.

Never fails…

Preview = Friend

That should read Tragically Hip


I dunno about your shitty air guitar, but your shitty thread title is screwing up the screen. Spaces are our friends, dammit!

I edited the title to put some spaces in. Let’s hope it helps.


Anything by Nation of Ulysess

Let the Day Begin by The Call. That’s really saying something, because I hate the ol’ air guitar moves and laugh my head off at my husband when he does 'em.

Bless you, Lynn. May your life be filled with chocolate.