RTFM, Read The FFFFing Manual, was the standard response to stupid questions. A stupid question being a request for information that could of easily been found by reading the manual.

Literate computer users often added disclaimers to questions just to avoid the demeaning RTFM. For example a posted question would be: “How do I get XYZ program to ABC with DEF? Chapters 1, 2, 3 mention ABCing but not with DEF. I perfomed steps GHI and even tried JKL and MNO but I got error messages PQR. I searched every line of every .ini file but could find no applicable settings. I opened every .sys and .exe file with Hex Editor but don’t see any clues. I went over every line of the source code and tried changing STU and recompiling to no avail. Please help!”

But now that the 'Net has expanded beyond .edu sites to become a major source of information we now have new stupid questions.

We need:
DAFSDo A FFFFing Search

Taken from actual case files (and feel free to be offended if this is your question because this is The Pit and I am free to offend you here.)

“Which words does the MPAA use to rate a movie?”
(At least this person looked at the MPAA site.)

“How do you translate these Russian words?”

There is a place on the web called Google. You enter words and it returns a list of sites containing those words.
DAFS with “MPAA” and you get thousands of sites. Add another word to the search criteria to reduce the number of hits. Try “MPAA rating”. Too many hits? Lots of irrevalent hits? Try “MPAA rating criteria”. And so on.
DAFS with “Russian translate” and guess what the first site on the hit list is. Yeap! A translation service!

Any search enginge will do but Google will list sites in ranking order of how many other people link to that site. The more links to a site the higher on the Google list. (Plus other criteria like date but that’s another subculture with terms like GoogleBombs.)

And when you DAFS don’t forget to RTFM.

Hear, hear.

STFW == Search The Fucking Web.

Been seeing that for quite some time.

No, not Google! They’re evil, I tells ya!


**RYFS **


Really,Your Feet Stink?
Remove Yellow Feathers Swiftly?
Read Your First Starsign?
Raspberry Yoghurt For Sale?

help me out here, I’m running out of ideas

Combination of RTFM and DAFS

Read You FFFFing Search

ElwoodCuse did a seach/link thingy for Google on SDMB.
I’d already posted in that thread twice.
He should of read the search he did.

Irony deficiency?

Um, I don’t get it. What am I supposed to reading in that thread?

And I didn’t do a searce. I simply read these two threads in close proximity.

Chill out.

My name.

Thought the combination of RTFM and DAFS would be an obvious and humorous answer to your own joking post.

But I won’t chill out.
Look at my answer to Marduk in this thread.

In all fairness to Marduk, I too was under the impression that different number of chromosomes meant no reproduction.

But I did a search and learned differently. And while we’re on the subject, why didn’t the OPer do a search. I just touched the surface. A few more searches might reveal research into the chemical processes of the question.