Rubbing Diogenes' Nose in Reality

Not that it will make any difference, but …

And how do we know that this is what will happen?

This in the same thread where he says -

Then the results start coming in. Without a second’s hesitation, the silly little snot posts this -

You silly, knee-jerking ass.

From ‘no way the Dems can possibly lose’ to ‘this is completely normal’ in no seconds flat. And adding on a completely unfounded accusation of cheating based on no evidence at all.

Back during the elections of 2004, Diogenes Pitted me for implying that he only cared about “election fraud” when Democrats lost. The latest is an example of why I was correct then, and why I am correct now.


Is it not enough to have been right? After the thread we had a few weeks ago about how conservatives get a raw deal around here, you proceed to prove why they deserve one. Bravo.

You know, with all the nonsense being thrown around this morning, you’d think that a Republican won the Presidency or something. It’s one Senator. One. The Republicans are still down 19, and the Democrats still control the agenda. More to the point, considering that the Democrats couldn’t get health care reform passed with 60 in the caucus, what makes you think that this is going to make any difference to the process?

Nothing has changed since yesterday. Why such glee?

I’m curious as to how it’s possible that Brown managed to win in MA since according to the world of Dio the Republicans and the Teabaggers are mostly comprised of morons so anybody who voted for Brown must also be a moron.
I guess MA must have had an influx of morons recently.

Wait! They cheated. Those morons stole the election! Evil Teabaggers. :frowning:

Teabaggers and the people who incite the Teabaggers are not the same people.

Anyway, was Brown actually a Teabagger? Or did he just talk about Big Government and OMG BAILOUTS, etc.?

And the Usual Suspect does his little dance. Dance, puppet, dance!

In the case of Dio?

I mean, were the tables turned, I’d do the same to Shodan or Starving Artist.

How could I resist opening a thread with such a delightful theme? Diogenes offered so many hostages to Fortune that the old lady must have been hard put to find house room.

Need any sauce with that crow pie, Dio? :slight_smile:

There are a lot of reasons he won. Among them is that his advertisements didn’t mention he was a Republican. Also, he outright lied about the HCR bill, he even did it in his victory speech.

Most people aren’t especially informed and the person with the commercials that appeal better and the personality has an advantage.

Is this bad for Democrats, sure. It’s more bad for the country though, this dude’s politics are typical Republican.

Of course not. :slight_smile:

You think I deserve a raw deal because I Pitted someone? Wow, tough crowd.

Because the Republicans are, what, four out of five for special elections. This bodes well for November. Plus I get to Pit one of the most pig-headed partisans on the SDMB, and gloat.

What’s not to like?



Shodan is right about so little, give him his moment. He can write it on the calender and bring it out to remind himself in years to come.

Actually the people of MA have inspired me. They just thumbed their nose at the establishment in a big way. The least I can do is do the same. I’m quitting the Republican party and registering as an Independent.
I’m tired of the Republicans as much as the Democrats. Both parties need a huge kick in the nads.

I disagree. I’ve heard both GOP and Dem spokespeople talking on the news this morning that this election is a canary in the coal mine. There’s no question that this was a nationalized race and at least partly a referendum on the Administration in general, and HCR specifically.

This is even moreso when you look at it in context: GOP taking down both Governor races last Nov, including God’s country (Va) and a very blue state (NJ). And of course there’s Obama’s plunging political capital: He now has the highest disapproval rating after one year of any elected president, ever.

Don’t get me wrong, the Dem ran a poor campaign, and I’m sure the administration apologists will be falling over themselves to pin this on Coakley, doing everything but leaving $100 on her nightstand afterwards. I think that this will move the national conversation on Obama’s agenda, though. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama pulled a Clinton one year ahead of schedule, tacking to the center even before the midterms, as a way to avoid nuclear holocaust.

This is complete insanity. If you saw or heard any ad for Scott Brown, you must have seen or heard an anti-Brown ad from Coakley that stated very, very clearly that he is a Republican. There was no way to avoid those ads - last week I saw TV ad breaks that went pro-Brown, anti-Brown, pro-Coakley, pro-Brown, anti-Brown. It was printed right on the ballot too - Scott Brown, Republican. If more that 2% of the people voted for Brown didn’t know he was the Republican candidate, I’ll eat my hat.

This morning Fox was predictably (and boringly) gloating, so I switched to MSNBC to see what they had to say. Then driving to work I listened to NPR. These are two of the most reliably left-leaning, dare I say “liberal”, media outlets. Both of them were doom & gloom.

Oh yeah, and Olbermann last night looked like someone punched him in the gut.

Palm Beach liberal Jews for Buchanan!

They said exactly the same thing for weeks about the NY 23 election, and then the Democrat won and nothing more was said of it at all.

This election didn’t really bring out the partisan animal in me, so I gotta say the most fun about it was watching Diogenes get increasingly shrill as he started getting increasingly worried about the outcome. Sorry, dude, you libs blew this one. But it’s ok, it’s all just politics. You’ve had a lot to be happy about lately, you gotta lose one every now and then! :slight_smile:

When I said about nothing changing since yesterday, I was speaking of the immediate future. You may be right about this being a foreshadowing of the next general election, but I don’t know how much stock I put in that as yet. It depends upon what the Democrats do with their still-substantial majority.

Looks like his last post was about 10:45pm last night. Must’a gone on a bender to kill the pain.

I think Shodan is well within his rights to take some mild shots at Dio. Besides, collecting all those quotes keeps him too busy to do anything really irritating. :wink: