Rube Goldberg-ish Music

I’m looking for that tune that (i think) the classic Warners Bros. cartoons made popular. Anytime they showed some sort of Rube Goldberg type contraption, usually to the chagrin of the hapless characters, they would play a particular tune.

Duh-duh-duh doo-duh-doo Duh-DUH.

That should clear things up :wink:

If anyone knows what I’m talking about, what the name of this tune (and it’s composer) is, or where I can find it, I’d be most grateful.

I’m guessing - Raymond Scott’s composition Powerhouse, which can be heard at the Wikipedia link above.

Thank you! That’s it!

Another good link:

I’ve read complicated answers about quantum mechanics and have seen the most complex riddles solved on the boards, but it’s these kind of answers that keep me coming back.

You, sir, are simply amazing, and I bow at your greatness.

I believe it is used in a current US TV commercial promoting the use of debit cards. The ad depicts a well run deli with lots of people getting their food, servers serving and the customers paying quickly with their plastic - all in wonderful unison.

Then one hapless dude tries to pay with cash, holds up the line and the whole thing comes to a halt with food spilling everywhere etc.

Also, Rush fan dopers, there is a stanza in La Villa Strangiato (Hemispheres - 1979 ish) that sounds remarkably similar. Is that by design?

I think so, as the Wikipedia article that Papermache Prince linked to has this to say:

Thanks again Papermache Prince, you rock!

Also, thanks DrDeth for that very interesting link as well.

Not to impinge on the general amazingness of PP, but I think there were several dozen folks here who were composing that very response in their heads when we read the subject line.

Not being obtuse, but are y’all talking about the Honda Accord commercial that Wiki links to?

If there was no manipulation, then that’s a pretty awesome commercial.

“Isn’t it nice when things just…work?”


No offense taken - I learned the name of the piece in an earlier SDMB thread. When I previewed my post, I half expected to see that another poster had gotten the answer first.

I’ve got a Raymond Scott CD, & his Manhattan Minuet is fun.

That was one of those nagging questions that I’d always wondered about, then one day I popped in here and somebody else had actually asked it. Just little bits of trivia like this are worth the $15/year to me, these types of things can keep you up at night.

IIRC, sometimes they also used “Flight of the Bumblebee.”

Yep. I had this tune stuck in my head all last week. I couldn’t figure out where I heard it and it was driving me insane! I finally saw the Visa ‘Check Card’ commercial and was relieved to at least know where I got it from.

Now it is really cool to see more about the piece and the author. Thanks for the link.

Music from a Pee-Wee Herman movie is used to great effect with this Rube Goldbergish image (warning, largeish page, music):

history here:

Why can I not stop watching the blue balls? WHY?!

And you’re right, that music (Danny Elfman?) is perfect, and very much in spirit with Powerhouse.

… Now, back to the perpetual balls… :eek:

According to the Raymond Scott Archives (via the link that DrDeth provided), Rush used the song without permission. Scott’s publisher warned them of the infringment too late, so there was no charge sought, although Rush decided to pay Scott a one-time penance for the unauthorized use of his music.