Rubik's Cube world record (video)....16 seconds?!?!?

This is nuts

Wow!! I guess a well oiled one helps but man, was it a few lucky moves with the aid of skill?

I’m tied for last place in the solving a rubik’s cube at never.

It’s been proved that it is possible to complete the cube in 52 moves. Conjecture is that is can be done in considerably less.

My own method takes maybe 120 moves. I might be able to trim that down to 100 or so by eliminating inefficient moves, but that tends to be slower because I have to think more and can’t see what I am doing as well. My best recorded time is 1:16, but I have probably done it in under a minute. There’s no magic to it. It is just a matter of memorising an algorithm.

Things to note from the video.
Efficient method for holding the cube. All fingers are involved.
Efficient technique. There is no turning or rotating the cube between moves.
Well constructed cube. It’s been a long time since I had one that didn’t fly apart when it was spun too fast. And it seems to be well lubricated.
And of course an efficient algorithm as well undoubedtly lots of practice.

Good thing they didn’t show us the foreplay.

Actually, it’s 36 moves…I’m trying to dig up a cite. My little cousin (7) at the time, could do it very quickly, not sure if it was 16 seconds but very quickly. He used to say it was like learning the alphabet, once you know the sequence it goes much quicker.

Actually it has been shown that it can be solved in at least 20-22 moves and it has been offered that it can be solved in as little as 19 moves. I tried to understand the math years ago but it was way above my head.

Gee that guy is incredible in the video

I could do it but nowhere that fast

They made other similar Rubiks “cubes”…two I had were a triangle one and one 4 X 4 cube…I managed the triangle one but my face saving thought for not being able to do the 4 X 4 cube was by the time I got that I was bored with it by then

Hey that COULD be why I never solved that one damnit…at least that’s what I tell myself anyway

This brings me back to a time when my brothers and I were young, and my dad bet our barber that my brother could do the cube in 60 seconds or less (knowing full well that he could). We got free haircuts that day.

Sixteen seconds is really impressive.

Does it matter how the cube is set up before the attempt? Or is that random?

I was waiting in the Toronto airport not so long ago and there was teenager sitting pretty much across from me that was wearing a T-shirt from some gaming competition that he’d just been to and working a Rubik’s cube. He was damned fast - probably solved that thing 20 times in less than a half hour. Some of them using only one hand. He musta been at the same competition.

My first thought, when seeing that video, is “It’s gotta be backwards.” And it looks sped up, too. Are those possible? Video doesn’t prove anything.

Oh… it looks like that was the official guinness records website. Never mind.

…But you guys just wait, while I put together an even MORE rubik’s solving video!


“only one hand”

Bet these kids are good at other things, too. :smiley:

But do they try for the fewest moves to completion? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m surprised that it’s been proved as low as 20 moves. My information is very old though. It just strikes me as a very diffiult kind of thing to prove.

It’s possible to solve it in one move if your lucky! :slight_smile:

Here’s some interesting facts about Rubik’s Cube. And you can go here if you are interested in taking an upper level math class about the cube.

So far I haven’t found anything saying 19 yet. That might have been just a theory, but I have seen 22 moves. I’ve got to stop or I’m gonna turn into a nerd.

This is a computer program that can reliably give 19 +1 -1 solutions to the cube.

Depending on the starting position of the cube it could be more or less.



A few weeks ago, Martin Sargent’s show on TechTV, Unscrewed, had as a guest a person named Dan Knights. Dan solved the cube live on the show in about 20 seconds. It usually takes him about 15, but they didn’t give him the usual pre-solve minute to examine the cube and plan his moves. Here is the show, with links to some cube stuff.