Rude bastard with a dirty mouth

Ok, so where I go to my Dunkin Donuts in the morning, it’s a left turn. Some guy is pulled up to the exit of the DD, waiting to make a left turn southbound into a very busy intersection, so he’ll end up in front of me and the SUV also waiting to make a left turn into the store. We’re facing southbound also.

The SUV of course pulls into his way, so he has to wait for the turn. Two cars go by in quick succession, and the SUV turns. Then I make my turn, quickly following the SUV. (I realize the guys was waiting there first, and I probably would have let him go if I could. Normally I would check, but sheesh, it’s Monday, a beautiful day, and I’m not that awake!)

The guy sticks his head out his window and calls me a **fucking ** douchebag! What did I do? I know better than to get upset over randmon cruelties from strangers but don’t I have the right-of-way anyway? I only had to cross northbound traffic, I was well out of the way. He had to cross four lanes of traffic to get where he was going.

My biggest comfort is that he is the one who went away the most upset. I am mostly puzzled and a little irritated that my day started with nasty profanity and a rude son-of-a-bitch.

If I read that right, you had ROW.

I guess someone really did piss in his morning coffee :smiley:

I see that irony has not yet died.

Oh, well Ethilrist I don’t think of “bastard” as a dirty word so much. Bastard has a real-life meaning, where I can’t see that douchebag has any meaning.

I mean, I’m a bastard. I don’t know who my father was.

And I hate to even bring up this tiny little point, but I didn’t scream profanities out my window at a complete stranger. Oh, no. I brought it to the Pit. :smiley:

I think the key question here is are you in fact a fucking douchebag? Because if you aren’t, then that guy was way out of line.

What kind of donuts?

Today was the first day of classes for LSU, as well as many other secondary and elementary schools in the area. I feel your pain.

I hate rants that require constructing a mental traffic diagram. It’s never worth the effort.

So did you hand him some Orbitz?

More importantly: what kind of douche?

Undoubtedly Miss Piggy’s favorite-Sweet and sour pork!

Dear God, what have I done?! :eek:


So, the guy was waiting to turn from the parking lot of the Dunkin Donuts onto the main road? You had the ROW then, his nastiness was just frustration at his inability to operate his car well enough to get out onto the roadway.

Or, alternately, to have enough sensen to turn right and flip a u-ee further down the road during heavy traffic times (yeah, you have to go a little way out of your way, but the saved frustration trying to turn left out into rush hour traffic on a several lane roadway is WELL worth it).

He was an idiot. This happens a lot in several areas in town well known to be “traps” during heavy traffic times. Anyone with half a brain figures out an alternate way out of the parking lot, or does the “turn right and turn around slightly further down the road” thing.

We have a hellish roadway known as “Tudor” in Anchorage, it never fails that at 5:00 people try to get out of the roadway leading into the neighborhood, by turning left. It’s two lanes south, and two lanes north (I think, I’m directionally challenged). Anyway, people will sit there on the neighborhood road,which exits to Tudor, forever instead of going back through the neighborhood to a nice LIGHT which allows you to get out and toward the left, or turning right and then into the hospital (whiich ALSO has a light).

Those of us going right have to sit there while the idiot waits, and waits and waits, and FINALLY either tries to back up (ooops nope, there are 5 cars behind you waiting for you to GET A CLUE It’s 5:00 rush hour), or finally decides to turn right (gee it took you 10 minutes of solid traffic going by for you to figure out it was impossible?).

Sigh…driving is SO much fun sometimes.

So, didja flip him off, or what?

Canvas, Tudor runs E-W. Minnesota and Old Seward are both N-S (or maybe that’s what you meant).

:smiley: I lived there for 34 years. And I trust I’ll still be able to find my way around when I return. Really!

I had e-w first, but then I didn’t trust myself, I thought Oh wait, it heads off toward Palmer and that’s north, right? Sigh. This is why I never do investigations without my trusty GPS unit.

You gotta love people that are too self absorbed to figure out that they’re the idiots in any given situation. With any luck, he’ll be steaming about the incident later on and realize that :eek: it wasn’t your bad! I know I’ve been guilty of that a few times as have most of us, I’m sure (the ones who’ll admit to it, anyway).

Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was driving out of a parking lot isle that was 2 way and this behemoth SUV was turning into it at the same time I was going to turn out (I was waiting for an opening). I couldn’t have been farther to the right without defying the law of physics and actually existing in the same space as the cars parked in the right rows. It was a two-lane, I’ll remind you. Bitch in the behemoth honks and shakes her fist at me as she’s turning in. The hell?

Not my fault you’re driving a freaking monster, too big to fit in a 2 way parking lot lane with another car, bitch. I just looked at her with a “wha whaa?” expression and drove on. Maybe she’ll have enough brain power to think about it later and realize the only thing wrong I was doing was daring to drive on the same roads she so obviously owned. :rolleyes:

Uvula Donor: It’s Monday. On normal days I’m not fully awake until 10 AM. I was too befuddled to react quickly. :slight_smile:

CanvasShoes: I do the right turn and then quick u-turn all the time…or even make the next left. Remember people, just because you can make a left doesn’t mean you have to.

GaWd: All I have to say to you is :eek:

neuroman: I’m sorry my rant didn’t live up to your standards. :dubious: :smiley: Anyway, the important part of the rant was: he was wrong, and he totally flipped out at me.

lieu: no donuts. Just my morning cup of coffee! That’s all I wanted.

Giraffe: is your tongue 13 inches long and prehensile? (Is that the right length?)

Oh, and the thing about directions? I am horrible at directions too…except our city runs right into the beautiful Hudson River. As long as I remember that’s east, I can keep it straight.

Whaaaaat? It was the punchline to a very dirty joke when I was a kid. Of course, it doesn’t seem nearly as funny 20 years later, but…

Oh well.


pardon me, I thought this was a thread about me. I’m too vain, I know. But while I’m here: What exactly is a ‘douche’ in English and in this context? We call ‘taking a shower’: ‘taking a douche’. So I just wondered.

Sorry for breaking in.


Well, gum, it’s like taking a shower, only upside down, and only women do it.