Rude in polite society...ok on SDMB? So, how much do you make?

I was always taught never to discuss how much money you make. Don’t ask, don’t tell. So of course, being drawn to that which is taboo, I have always been fascinated by how much people make in their various professions.

Since this board is pretty much anonymous, I’ll be rude and ask, what do you do and how much do you make?

Not enough…
btw… wouldn’t someone who started this post… post their own salary??

Shouldn’t you answer your own questions first hilltopper?

I am glad to know that someone else out there was thinking the exact same thing I was at the exact same time.

Was waiting for that…but I have always hated to be the first bird off the wire.

investment sales

commission based $100k+

Is investment sales the same thing as a stock broker? Is the 100k before or after commissions?

I think that local would be a good thing to know too. After all, $100k in Los Angles or New York is a lot different then $100k in small town South Carolina.

I get paid weekly. Very weekly.

In Conceivable Give a little to get a little.

Well, I have no problem with this, seeing as it’s very little.

Currently I’m a graduate student with an assistantship the covers tuition and provides a stipend.

The stipend is about $6,100 a year, if you want to add in the tuition waiver, that’s another $12k a year, but it’s not really income. I also work as a student assistant in the library and bring home about $140 every other week.

So…about $9,700/year before the tuition waiver, as an estimate.

I’m a SAHM. So I make $0/year :slight_smile:

I quit my job last week, so I also make $0/year. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, so I’m hoping I can hold onto it for a while.

:slight_smile: I was just wondering how many questions you would answer. Guess it wasn’t very many.

Accountant - $45,000 yearly. But, I work in a fairly small southern town with a low cost of living.

Bah. My wife is a SAHM, and she makes 82K. I, on the other hand, am subject to the 100% wife tax and so make $0 (though I do occasionally get an allowance).

Got laid off. Living off my life savings now.

This board does not seem to be as anon as you think. Looks like a number of people know each other, and quite a few seem to meet in person at dope fests or lunches, etc.

I will answer with: I do a lot, and my income varies.

Ciao! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have often wondered why it is so taboo to discus wages, as it seems that a good knowledge of relative wages is good for the employee, whilst keeping wages secret is only good for the employer.
I am not sure if it might be considered a sackable offence to publish my wages on an open forum though. So I will say >$70k and <$100k.

Tech Support here 24K a year. Las Vegas is fairly cheap place to live, but not that cheap.

Aerospace Structural Engineer for the Dept of the Navy. I’m a GS-12 - you can guess which step. And you can find that pay table with an easy search.

The reason I consider such a question rude is because I doubt that it’s ever just idle curiosity. I don’t want anyone judging me by my paycheck. My salary, my mortgage payment, what I paid for my car, and how much I have in savings - all pretty personal and definitely no one’s business. And for the same reason, I don’t particularly care what other people make or spend. We make our choices for our own reasons, and I prefer to keep such things to myself.

85k, though much like Beezelbubba. It doesn’t bother me to say how much I make, what my house costs, etc., unless it’s a telemarketer or something.

I’m in the same realm as Bippy, give or take, as a VP in charge of HR for a biotech company in NYC. Of course I’m now on an unexpected early maternity leave which pretty much means that I’m done working. My last day of employment was supposed to be the 29th but I don’t think I’m going to be getting back to the office before then. After that, I’ll be a SAHM with an earned income of roughly $18k/year from a couple of regular freelance writing gigs.