Rude in polite society...ok on SDMB? So, how much do you make?

“…all pretty personal and no one’s business…”

Your are right, but that has not stopped people (on the SDMB)from posting: how they like to get/give oral sex, deep seated religeous beliefs, whether they’ve taken it in the back door, how depressed they are, about their most embarassing moments, etc.

And I am curious and interested and I promise not to judge!

I’ll bite. >$90K, NYC. Investment Mgmt Business Advisory Services (consultant) for a Big 4 accounting firm [industry, not accounting, background]. Quietly looking for a good hedge fund to take a COO, CFO or Controller’s position. Too much marketing/sales work as a consultant.


But every once in a while, someone leaves seed out on the highway for me, so I won’t go hungry.

Look out for the iron filings and the giant magnet, roadrunner!

I’m a grad student too. I make 19k stipend + about $7.5k from teaching assistanceships. Minus 6k for tuition, so a little over 20k (Canadian).

You could make a bomb selling the scrap left behind by the Coyote fellow. And don’t you get paid for those TV appearances?

I’m a corporate department director (this is a small town, for 250,000 people, so won’t say more than that), and make about $72K. My wife is a property manager (ditto comment) and makes about $80K. In addition, I get half of my military retirement (the ex gets the other half, thanks so very f**king much USG, you rat bastards–who fought in your goddamn war anyway? Bastards.) Where was I? Oh yeah, so total income is around $160k. Both of us have worked all our lives to get to this point, so I’m certainly not ashamed to discuss it, nor do I apologize to anyone for making a decent living .

Pre-designated accountant in a NFP- squat.
Tomorrow I’ll know if I passed my entrance exam. If so- double that.

I work in higher ed and I make ~$32K in MA. Just enough to go broke on.

Currently, less than $20,000 after taxes.

Yet another grad student here. $15K from my teaching fellowship, plus $2,600 from my summer job.

As a side note, it’s funny how people who don’t make very much seem to be more comfortable posting to threads like these.

And another grad student. $14,000 a year, plus probably about $2,500 from whatever summer job.

Yeah, since the only sentiment this information can arouse is sympathy or pity, I pretty much don’t care about giving it out.

I charge 1 million American dollars per job. If you agree, take out an advertisement in next Thursday’s New York Times personals thanking St. Jude for your successful penile enlargement. Do not attempt to contact me further; my people will take it from there.

roadrunner70, I read your post first, and then I looked at your username. I thought it quite hilarious :smiley:

As for the OP, I’m in a bit of a rock and a hard place too. We do not have a really structured pay scale in my company, and there are people from my work that do read this board. I’m a senior in our software consulting company, and worked as programmer, then a business/systems analyst, Systems Manager, and am now an Account Manager. MrseNiGma enjoys my salary very much.

FaeryChatMom, I also share your sentiment.

Speaking of taboo questions, I think it’s totally cultural. My folks are caucasians living in Asia; according to them, it is not uncommon or taboo at all to be asked how much you weigh or comment on how nice and fat you are (or that you’re too skinny), or how much money you make. It’s considered a huge insult however when you do not bring a gift when invited to someones house. IMHO, I think it’s taboo here, because, whether right or wrong, ‘westernized’ cultures have tended to be wealthier and thus more materialistic. Consequently, the measure of someone’s status or success has tended to be in possessions/money et al.

$32k/yr as a Member Services Trainer for a dot com in Phoenix.

It’s more than I’ve ever made before… but considering the job description, sometimes I feel a little underpaid.

(Or maybe just really bad at budgeting)

Software engineer/web developer, Los Angeles, almost $85,000 a year. It would have been higher, but my salary took a hit back in 2001 and I’ve had to claw my way back up…

I’m a middle school teacher with a Masters degree. I live in a small town (50,000). My salary is 32,000/year.

~$32k, CSR/tech support. Before taxes. After taxes, something under $23k. Enough to go broke on. You too can do this, all you need is a degree in philosophy and political science - to answer the bloody telephone!

I’m with Bippy and tlw.

Is everything OK, tlw? Did you have your baby early or are you on bed rest?

Graphic Designer, $54K not counting various irregular freelance projects.
I think the taboo has something to do with:

“I work just as hard as Jim/Jane Doe, yet they make more than me! That’s so unfair! Especially because Jim/Jane is always complaining about how tight money is! Hey, Jim/Jane, try budgeting on my income and see how you feel! God, I hate Jim/Jane.”

We generally don’t know how much Jim/Jane make, but we generally have formulated an opinion as to their work ethic, job importance and “worthiness”, in relation to our own.

I and my ex-girlfriend both graduated at the same time from art school. We’re both pretty talented. Today, she is making easily over TWICE as much as I am. And believe me, that’s hard to hear. A lot of negative feelings popped up in my head. Most of them were born out of (in my case) feelings of failure, inadequacy and squandered opportunities. With some distance, I believe that what caused the major discrepancies in our incomes are (1) a little luck (2) different location, (she’s in NYC) but mainly (3) she worked harder at taking responsibility for her career, wheras I generally make do with what I got and am a little lazy about going out and chasing after big raises and greater opportunities.

I also firmly believe that a person’s income has little bearing on the value of the service they offer. If that weren’t the case, the income teachers would be exchanged with the income of celebrities. So, if we aren’t all aware of it by now, life ain’t fair.

What do you make is a taboo question, yes. Not becuase of anything logical, but becuase of what hearing the difference seems to say about them and you.

I manage the Political Operations department of a trade association, and I make just over $32k/yr. I spend most of my free time working on my degree in eCommerce, though fat lot of good it will do me in this field.

I don’t mind talking about it. I’m fascinated with how much different fields pay, and I’m always looking for ideas of directions to move in. I still don’t know what I want out of a ‘career’.