rudest thing a stranger has ever said to you

I was in the grocery store with my 3 kids, and a neighbor’s child who I was watching for the day.

A man I’ve never seen before walks up to me and says, “I guess you don’t know about birth control.”

I stood there with a perplexed look on my face, thinking “I wonder what that man just said. It couldn’t possibly be what I thought I heard, because strangers don’t make that kind of rude comments.”

Then he says, “Don’t get so uptight, Lady. I don’t care how many kids you have, as long as you don’t expect me to pay for them. you’re not on Welfare, are you?”

I just walked off. As I fumed my way through the store my kids were asking the whole time, “What was that man talking about?” All I could think about was all of the clever lines and snappy comebacks I should have said.

The only other time was when a man asked me when my baby was due, and I wasn’t pregnant. :eek:

But I can easily blow that one off because it happened when I was volunteering at a homeless shelter. I know a large portion of the homeless are mentally ill. So I make myself feel better by assuming that this man was totally psychotic and haluncinating to think that my fabulous figure (sucks in guts) could possibly be pregnant.

Well, this wasn’t what someone said but a story about what they did. I was out shopping with Emmy and I had on my pentagram necklace. I wore it under my clothes so as not to draw attention. However, when I bent down to get Emmy’s bottle, it fell out. The woman in line behind me turned to the woman behind her and whispered loudly, “She’s a Satanist! That poor baby!”

I was pissed but I just ignored her. I left the store and as I was taking Emmy out of her stroller to put her in the car, aq Chick tract fell out. That really pissed me off. She could have just handed it to me but to put it in with the baby–that makes me angry. Not only was it probably covered in germs and my child had a compromised immune system (not that she could have known this but all babies put stuff in their mouths) but it was just presumtuous and rude!

A skinhead called me a wagon burner one time. It was rude, but I had to restrain myself from laughing. Instead I just started walking towards him, and he took off running.

I got called a cracker by a black guy at a dennys one time, I guess people cant decide what ethinic group I belong to.

I had a cop tell me he was going to shoot me if I didnt do what I was told(I was already in handcuffs, and was not resisting him in any way). I thought that was pretty rude.

In college, a guy driving past pulled over and told me, “You’re fat but I’d do you anyway”, and then drove off. Besides that just being seriously rude, I’m not fat - I was wearing an extremely bulky and too-large sweater and jacket. (Not like that reduces the rudeness in any manner.)

When I worked in a restaurant and was sweeping up, a male customer said, “You’ll make someone a good wife someday.” :rolleyes:

Wow! Those are some pretty nasty people!

I used to have my septum pierced. One time I was shopping when an older woman stopped suddenly, staring at me like I was Satan himself, and then said, “that’s so digusting. You look so disgusting, don’t you know that?” That, of course, is a matter of opinion, and that’s what I told her.

Another time (and another piercing), a co-worker told me my tongue piercing (which she hadn’t actually seen) was disgusting and how could anyone do that to themselves? “Are you trying to rebel against something? Did you want to make your parents angry?” (I’m 26, by the way. Not exactly trying to rebel or piss off my parents by this point.)

I get called nazi bitch for some reason too. By the natives that live in my area. I have no idea why. (I do occasionally wear combat boots, but that’s only in the dead of winter, and I’ve been called that while wearing sandals.) Maybe I just look like a closeted skinhead? I have no idea. I can have long dark hair and conservative clothing on, and get called a nazi bitch. That’s pretty darned rude too.

bdgr wrote:

What is a, “Wagon burner?”

One time I was getting a haircut and the woman was talking about something of which I can’t remember. I generally am somewhat quiet with strangers, especially when I don’t really know what to say. In the process of conversation (her talking and me sometimes throwing in short comments), she finally asked me “Do you have a girlfriend?”

I said, “Not at the moment, no.”

She replied with “It’s no wonder - you never talk.”

I would have said something in reply, but well … she was cutting my hair at the time.

I assume it is a reference to native Americans?

Yep…I’m part Cherokee…When I am out in the sun alot I look like I’m a lot Cherokee.

Growing up as a fat chick in the San Fernando Valley is not a Good Thing. People feel compelled to tell you all the time that you’re fat. They must feel it is their duty, and they will remind you with stunning regularity. Trust me, I’ve seen the worst of people. (Oh, I’m sure many have been subjected to far worse, but still—people are shitheads.)

I have a friend from the South (where apparently fatness is not treated with such cruelty or intolerance) and he cannot fathom that people will behave like this. He seems to imply that I’m making it up. If only I were.

I was walking down a street in Edinburgh, and a woman walked into me, I said excuse me, she told me to F***off! My oh My.

In Venice, Italy a man bumped into me, after I said 'scuse, he hit me, I hauled off and slapped him(I’m not a violent person but come on!!) Too bad I had gloves on and telegraphed my move, he blocked the slap and I hit his arm. He ran off.

I was walking home from the gym one time and some woman said to me,

“don’t ever wear shorts again until you get a fucking tan”

I thought it was a joke, so I asked and she then confirmed that she was, in fact, serious.

Pretty mild story here…

SIL’s friend, 11 year old Stephanie, was visiting. I don’t think I’d met her before. She saw a photo of me on the wall, taken a few years ago and she said “Is that you?” I said “Yes”. She said “You looked better with long hair”. I thought that was a pretty backhanded compliment so I said a sarcastic “Thanks…” and she turned to me and said “That’s not a compliment”.

I hate that kid!

I was told once by someone when I spelled out my last name to them, which ends in two "n"s that I only did that to be pretentious and I should just drop the last “n”.

Apparently, Germany is loaded with pretentious people who spell their names in similar ways.

The most rude thing that I can remember came from a boy who was with a large group of other teens in a restaurant. I was very heavy at the time. As I passed their tables, one of them said, “Moooooo.”

I was walking down to the corner store and a man walked past me. He slowed, looked down at my breasts and said, “Are your nipples as nice as your tits?”

I used to get a lot of comments on my weight (I was always a bigger girl but I’ve pretty much grown into it now. Now I’m just tall :P)

Once I was walking down the street munching popcorn on the way home from a college open house (Hey it was free and I was hungry) and got yelled at by a passing car to quit eating so much.

And one time on a school skiing trip, I was being taught to ski but they took me halfway up the mountain to teach me. I ended up beneath a tree and decided okay screw this I’m taking off the skis and walking the rest of the way down. I followed the lift down so I wouldn’t get lost and had some people up there yell down at me sarcastically ‘Y’know the ski’s belong on your feet’. Yah well I know that but I don’t do good in gravity oriented sports.

These weren’t said to me, but they were pretty damn rude all the same. I used to hang out with a large group at my community college between classes, and the group contained one girl in particular who tended toward having an overly big mouth.

One day, we saw a woman walk by in a black spandex leotard and leggings, with a pinned-on tail. Most of us didn’t really care, but Big Mouth hollered, “Oh my God, put some clothes on!”

The woman wasn’t all that large (and Big Mouth wasn’t exactly petite), and we later found out she had been on her way to read Cat in the Hat to a bunch of young children.

Another time she screamed “Those are the whitest f*cking legs I’ve ever seen!!” loud enough to be heard a mile away.

Both times she was duly berated for her unbelievable rudeness, but it never seemed to sink in.

“Smile, love! It’s not that bad!”

About a month ago a very young cashier at a thrift store asked me how I was.

I replied (with a straight look on my face) “I’m 29”

She said “No really I need to know if you have a senior citizens discount card.”

I managed to stammer out “NO, OH GOD NO!!! I am nowhere near old enough to have or need a senior citizens discount card”

She replied “Really?”