Rudi Gernreich's pubikini - This, I gotta see!

An obituary of photographer William Claxton mentioned his photographs of his wife, Peggy Moffitt, wearing the designs of Rudi Gernreich. Apparently, Gernreich was the first to design a topless swimsuit, which was famously modeled by Moffitt in the 1960s. Following the Gernreich trail, I discovered that in the 1980s, he designed something called the “pubikini,” which was a swimsuit that featured a window or hole that revealed the wearer’s pubic hair. Now, this sounds like something I dreamed of as a desperate adolescent and I would love to see Gernreich’s version of such a garment. Unfortunately, while I did find pictures of Moffitt wearing the topless swimsuit, I can’t locate any actual pictures of a model wearing Gernreich’s pubikini. Anyone got any ideas?

I was actually looking at something else, and a reference to your “pubikini” caught my eye. No pictures, though:

Is this the same Rudi who “designed” the Space:1999 uniforms?

Yes, I believe so.

Well, you can Google but I"m not going to look for it in all the results now. If you Google pubikini, one of the top 10 hits is Rudi’s Myspace page, so maybe you could contact him and ask for a picture.

Here’s a picture of the garment.

Googling pubikini in images brings up a series of references to Gernreich. However, the most information given is that he created it shortly before his death in 1985. It may have been a stunt that got announced but never made it onto a model.