Rudy Giuliani . . . jumping the shark?

Seeing Rudy G. on the Emmy’s last night, with that little American flag on his jacket . . . and talking about TV and 9/11 . . . over 12 months after it happened . … is anyone else getting the feeling that the whole Giuliani-9/11 thing is getting played out? Didn’t we see Rudy on the VMAs a few weeks back with the same gig?

There is no question that Guiliani did an incredible job leading New York out of the crisis last year, and is well deserving of all the praise and recognition due him. Hell, when Cheyney’s ticker finally gives out, he’d be a great candidate for Veep. And there is no arguing that he should have been Time Man of the Year.

For the year 2001. Now, it’s 2002 and it’s almost over. Is he campaigning for back to back awards?

How long will he go around wearing the flag, talking about 9/11, getting standing ovations wherever he goes . . .and being on camera for every big event? One year from now? 5? 10?

Rudy, you got your props for the job you did; now, maybe it’s time to move on. I have no problem you continuing to remind people about what happened, and remembering those lost . . . . maybe on lecture circuits? News broadcasts about terrorism?

But are we going to see this guy on EVERY awards show from now until kingdom come? Whats next? The Latin Music Awards? How about the Porn Industry Awards? Maybe you can show up there, and give a speech about how dirty movies helped keep peoples minds off 9/11.

Rudy do yourself and your cause a favor- get off camera before there’s a backlash and you become a parody of yourself.

Just want to cut in here to say how much I love the expression “jump the shark”. I don’t actually understand how it means what it does, but it’s super.

As for Giuliani - you make a valid point. I’m not going to make one of my own, though, because I don’t have one. Though I do think that there’s a place and time for Rudy Giuliani, and the Emmys ain’t so much it.

[hijack] Another thing that weirds me out: When people win and say “The people who really deserve this award are…(whatever person/people they were dramatizing)!” Because it’s not true - they may deserve SOME kind of recognition, but unless they have something to do with TV production, they don’t deserve an Emmy. [/hijack]

Right. Sorry for the sidetrack(s) there. And now, back to you regularly scheduled shark-jumping discussion, already in progress.


The founder of coined the phrase. It means the moment something good starts to go downhill into badness, and comes from the episode of Happy Days in which he thinks that happened: in which Fonzie actually jumps over a shark on water skis.

And twickster’s nomination for “best thread title in the 2002-2003 season” is…


Thanks, ** mobo ** ! I’d heard of, but didn’t know the etymology. Interesting! Still love the phrase, even without its mystery. :slight_smile:

Now get back to Giuliani, ya’ll! Poor ** Vinnie ** is trying to have a serious discussion, here!

Me, serious? :smiley:

Was there anyone who could have presented that award who would gotten your approval? Are your issues with Rudy or with the award itself?