Rufus Wainwright

Want One* is out now and the Love Affair continues. Oh my can he sing. Once again he brings his Opera and Vaudeville sensibilities to Pop Music and creates something that only he can. From the wry musings about straight men reading fashion magazines in the opening Oh What a World to the heart-breaking pathos of Go or Go Ahead he delievers unique lyrics with a lush, sensual voice backed by a wide array of harps, electric guitars, mandolins, horns and full orchestras. It’s mesmerizing from the first beat to the last.

By why, oh why, does he continue to sing about love just out of reach when my phone number is published in the phone book and my email is available in my profile?

He was on NPR’s All Songs Considered a few days ago.

I saw him once, maybe three years ago, frequenting a downtown Manhattan bar called “the Cock” (supposedly named after the barnyard animal, but with a wink & a nod towards you-know-what). Love didn’t seem out of his reach that night if you catch my drift.:wink:

But yeah, I like his music too. I haven’t heard his new record, but from I’ve heard, it’s more like with his self-titled debut disc than “Poses.” That sounds like a good thing IMO. I liked the first disc a lot better than the second.

I love Poses, and am just developing a taste for his eponymous debut. Didn’t know there was a new one out though, so it looks like I’ll be making another verboten CD purchase. Mmmmm…

My favorite Rufus-related song (although not a song written by Rufus) is a song his father played about a year or two ago on Conan O’Brien’s show.
It was a song he wrote for Rufus when Rufus was an infant. It was called “Rufus is a Tit Man”.

Rufus is a tit man
Loves to suck his momma’s nipple
He’s a tit man

If someone could find all the lyrics for me I’d appreciate it.

I’d say Want One is somewhere between Poses and his self-titled debut - in some ways. As a whole, though it feels more mature and he seems more sure of what he’s writing about. Every time I listen to the disc I pick a new favorite. This is the best album EVER! by anyone anywhere in any genre.

Bolding mine

I think that this is the best thing about his albums. I can listen to the same few songs over and over…then discover new favorites. It’s like I get to buy a new Rufus album over and over. The more you listen, the better it gets.

Can’t wait till he starts playing US dates again.

LOVE his music, but he’s a bit rude in person.

You know I went to high school with Rufus. We were both at Millbrook Prep. School in Millbrook NY. To be honest he wasnt very popular as popularity goes in HS. He was, however, an amazing actor as well as an amazing singer. Of course this isnt usually appreciated by your peers in a HS capacity. The rumor was he was gay, so most guys stayed away from him. The ladies loved him though. Anyway, its good to see hes doing well and now I regret not befriending him. I have to agree with Lissener…he was a bit rude but this was more of an ego thing…a little cocky.

He’s Out now.

I’d never heard of him until this thread and I’m watching him on Letterman right now. Does he always sound this nasally?

He has a very distinctive voice, and it works if it works for you. Personally I think it’s a taste worth acquiring.