Rug suggestions for snow/rain control

I live in the woods. No sidewalk and only a small concrete landing at the bottom of 3 stairs leading to a small covered landing.

We pulled out the old nasty carpet (YAY) this summer and put in hardwood (I found an excellent deal) and a large (30 sq ft) tiled entry.

Now we are up to rainy season and the tracking of mud into the house. Soon it will be snow. I have had no luck enforcing the “shoes off on the tile” rule, so I am in the market for rugs that will at least mitigate the moisture coming in. One for the outdoor landing and one for the transition from tile to wood.

I have one of those boot scraper bristled thingies outside, but I wondered if there was a “best” rug material to suck up as much excess moisture as possible from both boots and dog feet?

I am still hoping I can train the men around here to take their boots off at the door and place them in the “boot tray”. However, knowing them as I do, I am not hopeful.

The only thing I’ve found online are those infomercial rugs (one step mud mat) and the reviews are iffy on those.

Any suggestions or things you’ve found that work?

Sisal rugs, like this.
(Not endorsing this particular company, just using it as a example.) I bought the one I have at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Best rug I’ve found for absorbing mud and snow melt and such. Inexpensive and easy to clean. As mud dries, a lot of it just falls through the fibers to the floor below, so if scratching your wood floor is a concern maybe one of those non-slip mats underneath.


I would never have thought those would be good for absorbing wet. They look like they would repel moisture.

Plus, I like the way they look.

Are they slippery? I can’t tell in the descriptions I am seeing online if they have any kind of backing.

Might be slippery on a slick wood floor, but it’s fine on my vinyl floor.

I have three dogs (two large, one small-ish) and have this rug in the kitchen, it’s honestly great for keeping the floors in the rest of the house cleaner. I let the dogs mill around on it for a few when they have wet/muddy/slushy feet before letting them into the living room.

You shouldn’t use sisal rugs or grass rugs in wet places – these materials mold quickly when wet, they also will warp. You should consider an indoor / outdoor rugfor highly trafficked areas.

A perfect material that does not damage easily, but offers excellent traction: polypropylene