Rules for a street fight, when to stop..?

Around here where I’m living at the current time, there’s a fair amount of crime and violence. So it got me to wondering, if – God forbid – some thug should decide to take me on (like one did my neighbor a couple of weeks ago) then what should I do in the event that it goes my way and I get the upper hand?

Going on the premise that an altercation would likely happen when it’s pretty dark out and the attack would happen in an isolated area, Is one expected to beat the person within an inch of their life? (Though he could recover and return with his home boys later…)

Or, as I once read where the Unibomber, Ted Kezinski (sp?), said that only a fool doesn’t finish off his enemy? (But then there’s God’s judgment, karma, and maybe the law of man if eventually found out. In truth, I’d way rather just go ahead and be murdered than to have a situation where I’d end up in some dreadful thing of having to come back one lifetime after another so as to work out a tit-for-tat karmic situation with some jerk!)

If those things are too extreme, then might it be better to get the dude into some type of headlock and try and talk sense to him, e.g. “Whaddy ya say pal? Wanna pretend this didn’t happen and call it a night?” (But then he could say sure and then resume the attack and maybe win.):frowning:

Anybody have any experience with this distasteful sort of thing? If so, I’d like to hear your input. Thanks!!:slight_smile:

Btw, I do in fact carry a legal 6" folder and am pretty good and snapping it out, though in a stress situation I could see myself dropping the thing, too. And to be honest, I think I’d prefer to run than to actually stick someone (though I’m not exactly Carl Lewis at 60).:eek:

Get some pepper spray and start jogging.

I’m 20 years younger than you, a reasonably big guy, played rugby until 30 and have absolutely no doubt that if I were accosted by a hardened street brawler I’d get my ass kicked. Pulling a knife on him would be a good way to end up getting stabbed as well.

Avoid such situations, and run like hell if you can’t. If that doesn’t work I don’t think there are any rules. Your life will be in danger so you should go with everything you’ve got until they’re no longer a threat. The headlock idea seems an obvious non-starter - people who assault others on the street can’t be reasoned with.

Get a spray paint sized can of bear spray instead. You’ll clear out a city block with that.

I have been in quite a few street fights. It just depends what led to the fight. Most of the time you have a pretty good idea what kind of danger you are in but not always. I like to feel my opponent is pretty much helpless to fight anymore. Sometimes a kick in the nuts or one punch in the nose will do this. Other times you might have to half kill the guy. If you are 60 even in good shape you might only be good for 1 or 2 min max. I would say go for a knock out.

Any fight you walked away from before it started, You Won.

Any road rage where you leave the the A-hole in the dust & drive away from, You Won.

Any situation where the jack-ass is left trying to taunt you with actions or names to get you to come back into it ? You Already Won (and they KNOW it!!!)
Point, Laugh, and be on your way…

rule #1 for a street fight is “don’t get into a street fight.”

Once you have him in a headlock from which he cannot escape, it is proper form to request that he verbalize the word “uncle”.

Don’t forget to carry around a copy of the Irish Code Duello from 1777 in case the street thug has any points of fighting etiquette he wishes to have clarified. Presumably there’s room for a few more papers in the folder you carry around.

It’s going to be very situational dependent, so it’s hard to say. You’ll be claiming self defense when the cops show up, so you have to deal with what you’re facing at the moment, not what may happen hours later.

Self defense will fall to proportionality of force, so your best bet would be to try and disengage. If you have the guy down on the ground and you’re standing, probably time to back off. If you jump atop him and start banging his head into the concrete I’d expect you to go to jail. If you have a guy in a submission hold and he yields, but then when you let him go he re-engages, I would say if you get him in another submission hold you choke him out or break an arm, as he’s shown that he’s only using a surrender as a tactic to continue assaulting you.

Drawing the knife is a serous escalation of force. You say you’re 60, so that tilts things somewhat in your favor, as you aren’t expected to defend yourself as well as someone who’s 20. As it’s been explained to me, if you’re 20 and someone about the same ages gets into a fist fight with you, drawing a knife would be assault with a deadly weapon (at minimum), as it’s assumed you can fight back. Since you’re 60, a fist fight can do far more damage to you, and so you can argue that use of a weapon was necessary to ensure your safety more effectively.

Muggings happen in dark, isolated places. Give them everything you’ve got, including your landlord’s name in case they want more.

Street fights, brawls, usually happen outside of bars and clubs. On lighted sidewalks. If that 6" folder you’re talking about doesn’t contain next day’s work, but is a knife…you’re carrying a concealed weapon—NOT a plus in your defense when you’re sitting on a hard metal chair at the police department giving them your (sob) story.

Do you come home late so this is even an issue? If so, frequent some of the bars for an after work beer and get to know the bouncers. They’ll help you if they hear you yell. Or just mind your own business and go home. Being 60 years old is not going to deter anybody who would do that kind of thing in the first place.

Either get to know the place you live in or move. Nobody is immune from danger, no matter what their social status. But if you blend, you’re not singled out.

Fighting’s not the issue. Not putting yourself into a fight is.

Oh, when to stop? When somebody gives up or offers to buy you a beer.

Here is a documentary that explains the process from initial challenge through weapon selection to conclusion of the fight.

The best defense is to wear tattered clothes. If they think your broke, they’ll have no reason to fuck with you.

Unless they like to roll bums . . .

I think the first word in the title of the thread is a hoot…

Not a bad idea except that I have no money for any, plus, what if the wind is blowing the wrong way?:cool:

I for sure do what I can to avoid such situations, but sometimes the bad guys are good at what they do and can get you anyway. But I’ll do my best just the same.:frowning:

Okay, thanks!:slight_smile:

You make it sound easy.:confused:

So just let the guy clobber you and take your stuff?:o