Run 100 miles in one day

I’m in. I’m going to attempt this. The MMT 100 mile race. It’s worse than it sounds since there is 18,000 feet of elevation change through the mountains.

I’m sorry. May I repeat

Eighteen Thousand Feet!!!

That’s like 2/3 of Everest.

It happens this May.

Wow. Have a great run. I’m just closing in on marathon distance, can’t imagine doing 4 of them back to back in one day.

I think I’d get maybe, maybe, 2 miles before I coughed up my heart.

Funny thing is, I use to be a distance runner a few years back, but I am just not in any condition to run now. Biking, on the other hand is fine. I’ll ride next to you yelling at you to stop being so slow. Yunno, as encouragement :smiley:

Having read your half century thread with great interest, I look forward to hearing about this one. Awesome.

I think there is something wrong with you. But then again I think there is something wrong with my father too who likes to run things like that. Then again I think there’s something wrong with me because I did that 50 once, and I attempted to swim across the Potomac as well. So we’re all in it together.

Jesus H. Good luck, man. I don’t think I’ll ever be in good enough shape to even begin to contemplate the idea of potentially doing that.

I did this route in my sailplane 2 years ago - that’s some serious distance and hills.

How long do you expect it to take?

You pussy, the Hardrock 100 is the one to run if you’re going to go for it.

33,000 feet of elevation change, average elevation 11,186 feet.

I feel tired just thinking about it. Good luck!

Good luck man… I’m toying with the idea of doing the Leadville 100 within the next few years… I’m not sure why, though.

“I take no excercise but resting and napping. I see no advantage in being tired.”

  • Mark Twain

IIRC, the Iroquois Indians in the 1300 - 1600 period had runners that could do it every other day. And they did not have near so nice a running surface or fancy shoes. ( Not demeaning any runner today as I can’t even run anymore ) They are the only ones to have had a stable, continuous government for over 200 years until the US of A got to that point. Part of the reason for that success was their long distance communication and that is where the runners came in.

Or I could have mis-remembered the whole thing.

Is it true that once your body can do those things and has the heart and artery size, you really can’t stop regular running for health reasons??? ( early death)

Holy crap, I once wrote a fantasy story in which a character runs a hundred miles in a day - obviously I didn’t make it far-out enough. It was in a desert, to make it harder, but it didn’t feature a four-mile elevation change.

–Mal, who takes the bus if he has to go more than a hundred yards

Badwater Ulramarathon.

135 miles - Death Valley to Mt. Whitney. 13,000 ft of climbing and 4700 ft of decent.

As far as the stuff about no-one else having had a continuous government for 200 years goes, yes you did. Don’t know about the runners.

Good luck, Scylla. Meanwhile, I’ve managed to get a cramp in my leg, apparently caused by not moving, which has brought my marathon training to a screeching halt and will now cause me to limp to the nearest pharmacy for a jar of something stinky and gooey. It’s really only my cheery sunny outlook that keeps me from becoming really fucking angry at that asshole God.

runner pat, have you ever seen Running on the Sun? It’s a neat documentary on Badwater. If you weren’t sure they were crazy before, you’ll be convinced by the end.

And Scylla, you seem like just the kind of person to be stubborn enough to finish a 100 miler.

scout1222 Thanks for the heads-up on the movie, it’s been added to my Netflix queue.

Scylla, good luck.

Good luck, man.
Me, I think I ran my last run on Monday. A very painful 5-miler.
Have scheduled foot surgery for 1/25/08.