Runaways: The Comic question (WARNING: Spoilers)

Okay, so I got the first volume after hearing good things - jeez, I had to buy it in hardcover! Are these things collectible or something?

It was pretty good - the art was interesting and the premise a nice start. But the issues in the volume only lead up to the point where Alex, the putative hero and central character (to me as I was casually reading it) turns out to be the traitor. Kinda felt like it was a cute trick plot-twisty-wise, but not really good at getting me engaged into the characters - a bit of a betrayal, for want of a better term.

Yet the series was popular past this volume, right? So the narrative recovers well from this? Have I misread something? The book kinda slid from my hands around midnight last night…

I thought the second volume worked well. Beyond that I couldn’t say.