runner pat has changed his username.

With the 10th anniversary of my accident coming up( end of June), I’ve decided it’s time for a new name.

I have occasionaly thought about it then put it on the back burner (actually, the freezer) for another year or two.

Riding the handcycle took the place of running and I still thought of myself as a runner in my core, I was just having to do something different.

I started coaching high school cross-country and track about 18 months after the accident and that really maintained my connection to running.

I just felt that it’s time my name here should really reflect the direction my life has taken.

And no, I never considered Spam Fingerer. :smiley:

The Poster Formerly Known As runner pat


Very funny, Rythmdvl. :wink:

I should be able to keep track of this change.

Um, what exactly was the accident again? I recall something about one of your knees, or ankles or something.

I was hit riding my bicycle to work.
Tore away part of the hamstring and the sciatic nerve, degloved the thigh and broke the femur.

^ Ouch.

I’ve always said that those cycling helmets are useless. :eek:

Glad you survived to tell the tale.

I have to say I’m a tad disappointed…I saw you post in another thread under the new name and got stoked there’d be another running coach around.

Huh. I would have gone with running_bear, choose your spelling. :smiley:

I’m going to confuse you with my father now since he’s a running coach too. But his name isn’t Pat so we should be good.

Actually, the ER doc said that was the difference in my survival. The first impact was a mirror(full size truck towing a horse trailer) to the noggin. It was the fender over the trailer wheel that got my leg.

i barely survived as it was so a concussion on top of the other injuries would have put me down at the scene.

There’s a guys named William Shea from the Springfield, Illinois area and he rode a hand cycle.

I did a couple of 12-hr races about 10 years ago with him where he equaled my mileage: 159 miles. I was impressed! I was also somewhat embarrassed as I dropped out early due to knee pain issues…

Do you hang out at the Adaptive Cycling: Handcycles, Amputee Adaptation, Visual Impairment, and Other Needs forum at

Yep. I’m still runner pat over there but I rarely post. I do stick my head in that forum every couple of days just to keep up.

Strange way to pit drivers who hit cyclists.

I was just today recalling the only time I got hit by a car on my bike - I got hit on the upper arm by the wing mirror of a van towing a trailer - the impact threw my arm round and I turned away from the following trailer.

There but for the grace of God …

Well that sucks.

I was very fond of stalking runner pat around the board (so many threads I’d pop into and find he was the last poster!) and now I’m going to have to remember a totally new name. :frowning:

::sniffs:: I’ll miss pat.


I did do the courtesy of picking a name that was related to the old one.
I could have gone with Mt. Everest Failure.

That would have messed you up but proper. :smiley:

Funny, when I saw the thread title I came here to post that!

Is this the thread where we get the information on how to get free video feeds of the Winter Olympics’ Track and Field events?