Runners: fave routes, times, seasons

Just got back from my lunchtime run. Wondered if folk would like to share their favorite routes, what time of day they prefer to run, and what season/weather conditions they like best.

Also thought we might distinguish between “usual” routes, and special/vacation type routes.

My standard run is my fave - a 4-mile loop along the Chicago lakefront. I run through Grant Park, past Buckingham fountain, the Field Museum, and the Shedd Aquarium, out to a peninsula where the planetarium is, giving a great view of the skyline. Small planes take off and land at Meigs field. During warm weather, plenty of boats in the harbors. Lately they have been doing a great job of landscaping in the park.

If I want to stretch it to 6 or 8 miles, I go further south along the bike path, past Soldier Field and McCormick Place.

I like to go at lunchtime to break up the workday. Theoretically, I would like early morning best, but I can’t get myself to wake up early enough. Can’t get my butt in gear after I drag myself home.

I like it in the winter, as long as it isn’t icy or too windy. It is cool that the lakefront is absolutely deserted, right next to this big city.

I also like it when it is scorching in the summer - there is a little beach around 14th street. You can run to it with the sweat pouring off you, shed your shoes and take a little swim, looking back at all the working stiffs in the concrete towers.

My ultimate fave would be morning runs along a beach - probably in Florida. I also enjoy going for a nice easy run whenever I travel to a city for business or pleasure. A great way to get the lay of the land.

How bout you?

2 mile loop on my property. It encircles a large pond. The loop used to be part of a Nature Conservency until they went under and I bought it 10 years ago.

I always run at the same time every day, right around 7 a.m. Unless we get a huge rain or snow. I’m out there an back in half an hour. Just enough to keep the blood pump’in through my veins:)

When I’m on the ball and running before work, I just do a 5 mile loop through my neighborhood that’s really nothing to write home about.

Lots of running (especially long runs) gets done down at Mission Bay Park. There you can run on grass, cement, asphalt or sand, depending on your mood. You can go to the beach side of the park and run on the boardwalk and watch the waves. You can stick to the eastern side of the bay, and run along the calm water of the bay, and see people boating and water skiing. You can run as short as you like, or up to a 20 miler or more, because there are a number of loops, and the park is HUGE.

When I run from work, I run up the hill to Torrey Pines Road. There I pass the Torrey Pines golf course (where the Buick Invitational was just played) and go into Torrey Pines Reserve. In there is a nice little trail that’s about a mile long that overlooks the ocean. When all is said and done, it’s probably about 5-6 miles, depending on where exactly I turn around.

Another good spot for long runs is Pacific Coast Highway. A fun way to do this is to go to the train station in Solana Beach. Buy a ticket and ride the train to Oceanside. Then you just run south along the coast back to the train station. It’s about 16 miles.

As for runs during travel, well, I’m a runner who likes to know the route ahead of time, or I’ll get lost. So I’d mostly do outs and backs if I’m not familiar with the territory. But my best travelling runs were in Washington DC. We combined sight seeing into running. We ran through all the monuments, stopping when we wanted to take a look at something closer.

Hey, I’m going to DC next month! I’ll be sure to bring my shoes.

You sound like a pretty serious runner, scout. What kinda mileage do you put in and at what pace? I’m totally recreational. This is a pretty average month, and I’ve got 12 runs in so far. Mostly 4 milers, tho I try to do a couple of 6-8 milers and at least one sprint workout each month.

Those routes along the ocean sound awesome. What do you do during winter when it gets icy? :wink:

Coda - sounds like paradise! How much property do you have? In what state? What surface is the path. The worst thing about my lakefront runs is that they are primarily on concrete/asphalt. Also, it is pretty flat. We have a place up in Michigan, which has miles of sandy 2-track paths. My tired old knees love me when I run up there, even tho I have to go up and down hills.

Your exercise attitude of keeping the blood flowing sounds similar to mine, “Just get that carcass moving.”

I try and run about 30 miles per week. When training for a marathon (I’ve done 3) and the long runs hit 18-20 miles, I’ve actually reached 40 miles per week.

My marathon pace is 10:00 per mile. Shorter runs I generally stay around 9-9:30 pace.

Ice? What ice? I just realized when I saw the thread title again that I neglected the part about seasons. In reality, it doesn’t make a difference around here. We pretty much have ONE season. Although it has been raining here during the past 2 weeks. That tends to keep us SoCal wimps inside, so I’ve only managed 20-25 miles per week lately. :smiley:

Dinsdale Well, all said and done, we have about 170 acres including the pond we bought from the conservancy. There is certainly no concrete ar any such pavement anywhere near the pond. We’re in Connecticut - eastern side - and it definitely is a small paradise. Oh and my tired old knees love the earthy, heavily trodden path I run - simply because it’s not hard and stern. If you ever find yourself in Connecticut, go ahead and stop by The Denison Nature Center - it’s free and worth the trip.