Running a network wire behind walls - help needed!

I’m having my modem and router moved down to my basement, so I will need to run Cat6 cable from the basement to the second bedroom where the computer is located. Wireless is not an option as I need a hard connection to the main computer.

Looking at this photo, can anyone with any building expertise or familiarity with building codes offer some advice? The blue area is the second bedroom, and the red box represents the area where the modem and router will be located. I was thinking along the corner of the house, but then I realized there may be stuff there I don’t want to poke around with a fishing tape, seeing as that’s where the hydro meter is (you can see it peeking up beside the downspout).

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

If you can get through the outside wall, you could strap it to the downspout and run the cable outside.

Generally, it’s easier in a finished older house to run wires vertically alongside a pipe (like a drain pipe) that already runs vertically through the floors. Usually there is room for wires alongside them, especially small wires like these.

You might consider running them all the way up into the attic, then down through the ceiling or through the outside wall from there. The right side of the photo shows a drain vent pipe that goes all the way into the attic and through the roof, inside or fairly close to the room where you want the connection. So you have a path right there!

P.S. One hint: (assuming this is your house and you plan to stay there a while): while you are doing this, pull additional network wires into the attic, and drop one into each of the upstairs rooms. You don’t even need to connect the ends – just put the wire into a covered outlet box in the walls, and leave the other end hanging by your router (but labeled!) – for future use. It’s hardly any extra work to do this when you are doing one wire, and not much costs – just buying extra wire. But it may save you a lot of time and effort sometime in the future.