Running a Windows proxy server with multiple network adapters.

I have an unusual networking prob–

I have a spare computer in the next room, which I’ve networked with this one via a couple of extra network cards and a twisted-pair cable.

It would be convenient to be able to get at the internet via a proxy server running on my main computer (which is connected to the net via the house’s primary LAN.)

The problem is, the proxy I grabbed, AnalogX Proxy, seems to randomly select which network card to look for requests on, each time the computer is restarted. (I’ve assigned both cards unique IP addresses.)

If it binds to the main house LAN, (which it seems to 90% of the time,) I can’t get at it from my spare computer.

Does anyone know of a free proxy server for Windows that allows for more than one network card?

Please, deliver me from the grief of having to move ten feet to get online.

WIN98SE and above (Me, W2K, XP) all have Internet Connection Sharing, a lightweight proxy app included.

Why don’t you just connect that second computer to the ‘primary lan’?

I would suggest Linux or OpenBSD if you want to configure a proxy.

If you are not heart set on using a microsoft operating system, then go to and download the latest and get squid and use that for your proxy server.

I found AnalogX proxy a little buggy and ditched it (I shouldn’t complain; it is free after all) in favour of Jana

  • not sure if it has the feature you want though, but it is worth checking out.

I’m a little confused as to your setup… is it that you have a pair of machines linked by a crossover cable, then one of them lined to a LAN through another NIC? - can you not just extend the LAN to include the extra machine?