Running, or going up and down?

Exercise that is…

I’m going to have about 45 minutes to kill before my shift starts at work now that school has started. And I am goign to either start jogging/running, or running up and down the 6 floors of stairs. Not sure which yet.
Which, in your opinions, would be better? Why?

Running. Running is hard enough on you, but downstairs is asking for injury. If you walk down, you will cover less distance in the same amount of time, and so get less injury. The only way running stairs makes sense is as part of training to run, or if you take an elevator down.

Jogging/running. You’ll be mighty sick of those stairs after a couple weeks. At least with jogging you can vary your course.

Running, I think it would be nice to get a change of scenery and perhaps see some more areas of your town that you don’t normally visit.

The stairs make me wonder if the other people who use the stairs would enjoy that so much.

I would suggest doing both. Maybe every other day? I’ve found that I enjoy the workout I get from running stairs, however, as was already mentioned, running down stairs can be a little hazardous and I’ve found my knees don’t particularly enjoy running stairs on a daily basis.

Hmmm… I hadn’t thought of the safety factor. Certainly something to think of.

As for others, well, to be totally honest, the only people that use the stairs are a few of my co-workers, none of whom are actually using them while I would be doing this.

Sounds like running. Time to convince the wife I need some pricey shoes.

And, I can always do the stairs a few times when it’s snowing! yay!

I would think your employer would request you stop running on the stairs anyway. They’d be thinking of the liability.

Plus, I’m not sure where you’re running (work?)…is the sound of someone running up and down the stairs repeatedly going to be an issue?