Do you run up stairs?

I do. Always have done. It’s a habit. As far as I know my brothers and father do it too.
Do you?

Do you walk up escelators? (even though they are moving you upwards all the same)

I don’t run up stairs because of a guy who used to run up and down stairs for a workout and ended up having a stroke at age 21 (I’m a little superstitious). I always walk up escalators because of a story my brother told me. He told me that when the inventor of the escalator saw people riding them while standing still, he was horrified at the sheer laziness.

I almost always take stairs two at a time. I walk on escalators whenever possible. I walk on the moving walkways at airports. I rarely take an elevator unless it is my only choice or I have to go up more than three flights or down more than five flights of stairs.

Ha, I never knew that.

I often stand still on escelators as I am lazy. But if someone enters the escalator behind me and starts walking I will walk.

Me too (exactly)

Depending on what I’m wearing, I run up the stairs, taking them two at a time. I also walk up and down escalators.

Up stairs, running two steps at a time, same going down, sans running.

Always walk on any moving things. (people movers, escalators, etc)

I often run up stairs, but not always. Depends on my energy level.

I run up the “down” escalators, does that count?

I run and walk up the stairs, it just depends really. As for going down, I walk but take two at a time.

Just remembered:

When I was less, <ahem> fed, and more active I used to clear whole single flights of stairs (down). I did it at home, holding onto the banister and the wall I’d miss every step. Drove my mum crazy.

ALL the time!!! I’m glad I’m not alone :slight_smile: I’d even run up the stairs in the Underground if there weren’t people on the escalators - running up the stairs takes you at about the same pace as the people standing on the escalator and they look at you funny…


This is pretty much my option too. Although, I usually eschew the moving walkways entirely to get a chance to stretch my legs. I’m usually moving faster than the people standing still on the walkways anyway. (and, if I’m travelling with someone, we usually use the walk as an excuse to race and I always wind up sprinting :slight_smile: )

I’ve been taking the stairs more at work (I’m on the fifth floor) and having been trying the not to use my toes. The theory is that if you step flat-footed on each step and don’t rise up on your toes, you use more of your quad and less of your calf…

I have enough trouble walking up the stairs some days - darn arthritis! I do always take the stairs at work.

Have to get one of those pedometers - kick up my walking a bit.


I used to. My parents’ house had open stairs, and my brother took great delight in grabbing my ankles and screaming bloody murder to scare me as I went up.

Now, not so much… especially since they turned the gravity up in my house…

I’m not out of shape… so the gravity MUST be higher. :dubious:

I always run up stairs if I’m outside of work - at work I merely stick a brisk “two steps at a time” pace.

I also like to sometimes take big giant leaps up sets of stairs to see how few steps I can clear them in. :slight_smile:

I walk going up stairs, but do a very fast shuffle going down. I walk up and down escalators if I’m alone, or if others are walking. Killer is afraid of escalators so when she is with me we stand still.

Slight hijack:

I worked for a company with an office on the second story of a new two story building. During the first year it was open, there was a very high number of people that tripped or stumbled going up the stairs. After several injuries they had the contractor come back and check the stairs. The fifth step had a 3/8" higher rise than the other steps and that was enough to cause people to trip. Seems our brain/eye/foot coordination is very sensitive.

I scurry up stairs.

And I do walk on escalators unless people are blocking the way–which is the case most of the time.

If you happen to be in the UK, there’s a deal on Special K packets just now where they’ll sell you a pedometer for £3.99 and a couple of tokens. I think that’s fairly good value though it might be a lousy pedometer I suppose. Anyway I’ve sent off for one.

I’m a long-legged, somewhat clumsy guy, and I’m half as likely to stumble if I climb stairs two at a time. Going down, it’s usually one at a time. However, if I’m in a big hurry, I’ll get my hand(s) on the rail, and run the down stairs, three at a time.

Yeah, I run up stairs. Not always though. That would be weird, and inappropriate in some situations. I live on the third floor of an apartment building (no elevator), so I figure I get my daily exercise from those stairs. It used to tire me out much more to run up them.

Not unless I want to fall up the stairs. I used to take two at a time, but I’ve found that in the house I currently live in, I’m more likely to smack my head on the overhang if I do that. And I have to duck going down the stairs to avoid the same problem.
Clumsy? Why do you ask?