Do you run up stairs?

I not only run up stairs, but have considered starting a thread about it.

I did the same thing, in my socks no less. I used to make fun of my dad because the one time he tried to go down the stairs in his socks, he rode them all the way down. Yet here I was in my socks every day taking the steps 5 at a time.

I don’t do that anymore, but I still walk up escalators, and go up and down regular stairs two at a time. I like to keep the same forward speed at all times.

If I am downstairs and Marcie is upstairs and calls me, then I run upstairs. If I am upstairs and she is downstairs and calls me, I run downstairs. It doesn’t do to keep Marcie waiting; she gets cranky.

I always run up stairs, especially when in the dark. I’m also rather strident about those who think the escalator to be a carnival ride standing on the right, that those of us with places to be may pass them on the left.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Too bloody right. They’re a mode of transport not a ride, and most seem to be slower than walking.

For those of us that do walk up escalators. Do you also find that automatic doors are too slow, so you have to slow down and creep up on them to avoid walking into them?

I usually run up stairs, but seldom down, for safety reasons. I only really use lifts and escalators if there is no other option or if I have the kids in tow.

Yes I normally take two steps at a time running down stairs. I also learned how to go down stairs really quickly. It is pretty dangerous and you have to pay attention, but it is the fastest way. Basically you skip every other step, but never having both feet on the ground at any time. Its basically like running down steps, except when you take every single step you have to do these quick little babysteps which annoy me and are still slow.

I usually walk on escalators. However, due to some sort of paranoia or issue or something regarding falling, I can’t do regular stairs other than one step at a time, doing up or down, and always hold the handrail.

Yup! I ESPECIALLY HATE those revolving doors that go automatically - they installed them in one of my buildings at work - I refuse to go to that building anymore.

I’m surprised no-one has mentioned this yet, but does anyone do the gallop when going downstairs?

You know when both feet go ba-DUM ba-DUM ba-DUM.

At work, I like to run up the two or three flights of stairs that are nearby, just so I can beat my co-workers who take the elevator, and just stand there in front of the opening doors when they get off. I realize how annoying that is to them, and other Dopers may be annoyed by people who do the same thing, but people need to learn how very little effort it takes to get that slight extra bit of exercise.

Run up the stairs, gallop down the stairs, walk up escalators and stand down escalators. This is a very interesting article about it: Why do you walk up staircases but not up escalators?

Well, Six years older - I still run up stairs :smiley:

I walk, but two steps at a time. I run up zombie stairs, though.

I both run up stairs and do the downstairs gallop :slight_smile:

I’ve declared 2011 to be the year of the stairs for me. Only excuse for taking the elevator is if I’m mid conversation with someone who refuses to walk.

I work on the 6th floor and most meeting rooms I use are between the 4th and 10th floors so nothing big enough for me to show up disheveled at a meeting but a nice little chunck of extra movement per day.

I was going to go with “Only when Zombies are chasing me.”
But your’s works too. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh…and on topic…it depends on how I feel…I have bad knees and bad feet. If I’m having a good day, yes…I run up stairs. If I’m having a bad day…I hold onto the railing while trying not to put too much weight on my joints.

A year ago I fell down stairs and snapped off the top of my left wristbone.

Since then, I take stairs one at a time, not moving to the next one till both feet are planted on the one before it.

I only go up and down stairs at work, and I try to make it a goal to bounce up those stairs pretty fast, to get some motion into my day. When I come up from the parking lot, there is a long concrete staircase, and I have a rule that I have to run up those stairs. The ones in the building I try to run up, but since I’m often accompanying someone who can’t go fast, it depends.

Wow - seven years later, and I’ll respond again! I have somewhat a fear of stairs now. I’ve come way too close to tripping over my own pants/shoes when going up or down stairs to rush. Plus, I actually fell when getting on an up escalator!

And I did kick up my walking - and turned it into running. Just did my first (and not last) half marathon last weekend!

I often run up the stairs, if it’s just one or two flights. If I know I’m climbing more than that, I’ll pace myself. I don’t walk on escalators unless I’m in a hurry (I stand to the right to let others pass).

If there’s a choice of stairs and escalator in the same location, I’ll usually choose the stairs

I always run up the stairs but not for any of the reasons above; it actually hurts my knees to WALK up the stairs. If I go faster, I can sort of bounce and not get them into whatever position it is that hurts them so damn much. (It also prevents the crunching sound that seems to get louder and louder as the years go on.)