Rurouni Kenshin - Spoilers Requested

Like an idiot I forgot to record it Saturday night (the 4th) :smack: Would anyone who watched be so kind as to tell me what happened? I’m assuming the fight with Shishio is finally over – it’s starting to reach Dragonball Z-like levels of drawn-out-ness – and that Kenshin won, but did anything of interest happen?

Giving this one a bump – I can’t be the only person on this board who watches the show.

Well I refuse to watch the dub so I don’t know exactly what episode you’re on but I do know how the fight ended.

Kenshin won by default really. Since Shishio’s body wasn’t able to release heat, the continuous fighting with Kenshin caused his body to get hotter and hotter until it literally burst into flames. And yeah. He’s dead. Kenshin’s no (barely) and the best part of the series draws to a close. Prepare yourself for the pain that is the ‘filler’ arc.

Things actually happen on this show? I thought it was just two guys eternally fighting while an old man provides color commentary in excruciating detail. Never realized there was a plot to it.

Old man? What in the world are you talking about? Of course there’s plot. Especially once the Shishio arc begins.