Anyone see the InuYasha Series Finale? (spoilers, hopefully)

I have heard about it by title and number only on InuYasha fan sites. Supposedly shown on Japanese TV around September 13th. “The Two’s Bond ~ Use the Shikon Shard! (1)” and “The Two’s Bond ~ Use the Shikon Shard! (2)”

It’s too early for for spoilers on the Episode Summary Guide I usually frequent. So I’m hoping a Doper in Japan might give us the scoop. I really want to know how the series wrapped up!



Um, no, that’s not the finale, that’s just the first few episodes.

Thanks for trying, though!

I think the point ouryL was trying to make is that the Manga InuYasha (which spawned the series, I’m guessing.) is still going strong.

But that’s not to say that other people (like me) aren’t interested in how the TV series ends, if it’s really ending.

I’m guessing someone’s personal life ends up getting completely screwed over, in an anime “first.” ( :smack: :wink: )

Yes, maybe that’s his/her point, or perhaps I’m unusually dense today, because I just don’t get it. I’m looking for info on Episodes 166 and 167 (the last ones in the list in my link), I have no idea about these 300+ chapters. I haven’t seen far enough into the series to tell by looking at them if they’re supposed to be the same.

I’m glad to know someone else who wants to know the ending of the series. I know there are Japanese Dopers on the board, and other InuYasha fans, so I’m trying not to get discouraged at the very minimal response here so far.

Who do you think is going to get screwed over? Sango’s little brother maybe? That would be my guess.

Thanks for throwing another link into my thread, ouryL. It seems you’re trying to help me out, and I appreciate that. Sorry I’m not following. I blame it on recently giving up caffeine. And sugar. And the delectable combination of the two that is the soft drinks I was weaned onto while very young.

“Pancake! Pancakes! Pancakes!” /Stewie

Couldn’t find any forums dedicated to Inuyasha?

[spoiler]It’s not an end at all. Inuyasha and the gang get trapped by Naraku in a giant demon’s stomach and even Inuyasha’s most powerful technique can’t free them. Kagome gives him the last shikon shard and he fuses it to his sword. It’s strong enough to free them but he loses himself to his demon blood. Kagome risks her life by running into the stomach acid to purify Inuyasha and gets badly hurt in the process. Then Inuyasha blows there way out of there. They all end up back at the main village healed and ready to head back out into the world and fight Naraku some more. Into the sunset they go. Fini.

Nothing really changes except that now Naraku’s heart has a stone that hides his demon scent. Jaken has a special shard that indicates whether you’re close to the stone or not. Oh, the heart which resides in a baby and protected by Kanna also has another really strong demon protector made by Hakudoshi.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]I’ve waited so freaking long for Kagura to die. Getting to see her topless (no nipples of course) for several minutes almost makes up for it. Sesshy appears but doesn’t really do anything. Kagura might have the hots for him. It looks like she wanted to see him one last time before she died, which she doesn’t. Although Naraku said he has one last mission for her, to trap Inuyasha, and she did that. Maybe he’ll kill her, but I bet he’ll keep her around.

Koga and his two shards don’t make an appearance.

Kohaku shows up, Naraku tells him to kill Kikyo and he hestitates but Inuyasha shows up before he things come to a head. Then he’s spirited off.[/spoiler]

Some people are speculating that the series may be reborn eventually. I hope so.

The cartoon seems to follow the manga pretty closely, minus the bloodiness, bad language, sex and nudity.

But the best thing about that site is it gives an insight into the names of characters.