Inuyasha and Wolf's Rain

I missed these two shows last night! Can anyone fill me in on what happened? I really really want to know what went on in Wolf’s Rain. Is anything more revealed about the so-called Paradise that Kiva’s in? What’s with that caracal chick (I don’t think I trust her)? Whatever happened to Blue? And the assorted humans (I can’t remember their names)? And the flower maiden?? There’s too much that goes on in that show to miss an episode…

I reminded myself all week not to miss this show, but thanks to the distraction of a new computer and these damn allergies I’m having, I forgot it was Saturday… (I also forgot Justice League too, but luckily that reruns today and I think next Saturday too, so I still have a chance to catch it).

So did anyone catch these last night? Or am I the only one who watches 'em?

Ah, darn. We still don’t have cable, so I missed Inuyasha again. I don’t watch Wolf’s Rain in any case, though. Sorry.

Inuyasha was a throw-away episode featuring Shippo.

[spoiler]Apparently Inuyasha put the hurt down on some Thunderclan demons a while back and the sole remaining member of the clan wanted revenge. But being a kid, decided that she could only take on Shippo. Eventually, she and Shippo ended up dueling for crayons. All very cute in a nauseating sort of way.


Can’t tell you about Wolf’s Rain because it’s basically so boring that my eyelids snap shot whenever it comes on.

I probably would have enjoyed that episode. I like Shippo a lot. Inuyasha is definitely a favorite of mine.

Kiva was rescued. His body was found under a plant that steals souls or something. They took his body back to the indian mistic guy and he called his spirit back into his body.
The youngest wolf saved the guy who is trying to kill them again by having the indians give take him food. He still wants to kill them, though.

I find Shippo hilarious.


Actually that quote is pretty typical of the episode, in which Shippo repeatedly pretends to be brave and heroic, despite the fact that he is completely terrified until he realizes that his challenger is no older than he is.

Does this mean that the ‘Paradise’ he was in was a hallucination caused by the plant, or was the plant actually in that place? Either way, thanks! I couldn’t find any episode guides that said anything substantial.

And heck, now that I think about it: How did they all end up in the desert so quickly after escaping Darsha’s snowbound keep? I don’t get that…

I’m also glad to see I didn’t really miss anything in Inuyasha. I tend to only watch it out of curiosity, so all I really care about now are parts of the Big Picture plot. It’s just not as interesting as it was a few seasons ago…

As long as the subject of Inuyasha is on the table, can someone point me to a thread that would serve as an Inuyasha primer? I’m interested in knowing if Naraku has ever been succesfully engaged. Also, how many jewel shards are still outstanding, and who is Lord Seshomaru, and why is he so important that him walking around is the main subject of the closing credits?

And in Dragonball Z, when everybody is watching the battle against Majjin Buu in Galadriel’s Mirror, why do they all have halos?

In DBZ, they have halos because they died.

I can answer some of those questions.

Sesshomaru is Inuyasha’s half-brother. They have the same father, but Sesshomaru is a full demon, not a half demon like Inuyasha. He has the Tensaiga, a sword with healing powers, whereas Inuyasha has the Tetsaiga, a sword with destructive powers. Sesshomaru is more interested in destruction than healing, so he wants to get Tetsaiga for himself. (I’m probably spelling the swords names wrong . . . but I didn’t feel like taking the time to look it up.)

There are actually several different versions of the ending credits for Inuyasha. They changed periodically (possibly a new one each season?). The reason they did one featuring Sesshomaru, as far as I can tell, is just because Sesshomaru looks cool. :slight_smile:

The halos in Dragon Ball Z mean someone is dead. Many of the Dragon Ball Z characters die at some time during the show, and then are brought back to life, usually by using the dragon balls. Some of the episodes of the show that I’ve seen on American T.V. were heavily censored, so as to make them less violent and supposedly more appropriate for kids. Thus, you may see episodes where someone is “sent to the other dimension.” This means they were killed. “The other dimension” is the afterlife, but they censored it to pretend people weren’t actually dying. There were other pathetic attempts to make it look like no one ever died, such as an episode I saw where a villain blows up a bunch of planes, and then someone says “I can see their parachutes!” That line was added for the American version to make it seem like no one died.

Also, HFIL (the “Home For Infinite Losers”) from the American version is obviously HELL, they just erased part of the E and the first L to censor it.

Some names were changed for American T.V. I’m pretty sure Kame (the “good” Piccollo) was called God in the Japanese version. And Hercule was definitely called Mr. Satan.

In later episodes, I think the censorship was less. I’m pretty sure that it’s because when the earlier episodes were being translated, they were being aired in an earlier timeslot, so there was more censorship (since more kids would be watching). Before they had translated every episode they moved it to a later timeslot, so the translators started censoring less.

I don’t know of any primer, but I can try to answer those questions (note: you’re obviously on the third season if Sesshomaru is in the credits. The recent, 4th season episodes are on each Saturday. My information may be too recent for you; I can’t remember many particulars about timing)

Naraku has been encountered a few times before, and almost defeated by Kagome once (she shot him with a magic arrow–just like Kekio’s. Naraku had to hide out and recoup for a while; he’s back to full [or better] strength now).

Naraku has most of the jewel. Kagome & friends have a few shards, but not many (they had more, but were stolen a while ago). Koga, a wolf demon, has two more. There may very well be other shards unnaccounted for, but probably not too many at this point.

Sesshomaru is Inuyasha’s brother (he’s a full-blooded demon). He wants to kill Inuyasha, because he’s only a half-demon and he got the Tetsusaiga, instead of the “inferior” Tensusaiga he himself got (both from their deceased father, a powerful demon).

As for DBZ: those guys are dead. I don’t watch the show much, but it seems a lot of people die a lot, then come back to life later through some kind of contrivance. Lots of people definitely die in the whole Buu saga.
And on preview, I see I’ve been beaten to a few of the questions. Ah well, that’s what I get for typing slow.

Back to the OP’s question about Blue, we see a brief shot of her sitting next to the flower maiden. So she’s alive and well, but (I assume) captured.

The plant only causes paralysis. Kiba’s spirit was then called away to a place where you are relaxed and joyful. For most people this is enough, but not for Kiba, so the elder was able to call him back.

On a random note, apparently horses can talk too, now. I guess I missed too many episodes.
is the best site for this but be warned-----it is based on the japanese version and is quite detailed. :eek: