Rush in Rio DVD Defect Question

In the IGN review for the Rush in Rio DVD, they state that “The video is supposed to be 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, but it’s neither. On my HDTV set at home, the video was displayed in a box. That is to say, black bars on all four sides. On our 4:3 TV here at the office, it filled the horizontal box and it looked like a regular widescreen print. However, when I set the TV to regular and not widescreen, the video was not squished.”. I’m not too informed when it comes to DVDs, thus my question is how will this affect me watching the DVD on my non-HDTV 4:3 standard television? Thanks.

Check out TheDigitalBits on this subject. Sounds like a mistake on the packaging; that it is in fact a 1.33:1 concert.