Rush Limbaugh, you are dead to us

Stonekettle Station says he has a pole and a flag and he plans to have the flag hoisted to the top of the pole that day.

I love when stories have happy endings.

The weather kept me from the library til today so…I apologize for making such a sweeping generalization. I hardly ever listened to his show and wasn’t aware of the crap he vented. I stand corrected.

So what are some of the more entertaining suggestions you’ve seen for how Limbaugh should be profaned in death?

Why? Wasn’t the way he profaned when alive is not enough?

Bastard decided to profane on the Capitol policeman that lost his life by still supporting the big and deadly lies of the former president.

But the conversation quickly steered to the Nov. 3 election, which Trump continues to falsely insist was marred by fraud and Democratic cheating.

“Rush thought we won, and so did I,” Trump said. “Rush felt that way strongly. Many people do. Many professionals do.”

Well, he was correct there are many professional liars and among them like Rush also harmed America.

Get better sources Blake Flake. :slightly_smiling_face:

No no, others profaning him.

Already taken into account, read the OP. Stop being disingenuous.

I can’t think of anything that would portray him in a worse way than an accurate description of his life, his works, and the damage he did to America.

And fuck the right-wing hagiographies.

Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, a Democrat, is refusing to comply and ordering the flags at buildings she oversees flown at full staff. Good for her.