Rush - One Little Victory (Vapor Trails)

Included in the game, Need for Speed 2: Hot Pursuit is an instrumental version of Rush’s One Little Victory. Was this included on any albums, as I really liked the instrumental? Is there any way of obtaining this? Thanks.

An instrumental version? Wow. I’m only aware of the original on the Vapor Trails album.

(Incidentally, I saw them perform this song live over the summer, and it was quite awesome.)

That concert kicked ass! I saw it at the Gorge, WA. Anyways, I was unaware that there was an instrumental version as well until I played the game.

Wow! That’s cool. If you find such a recording, let me know.

I know a couple good Rush MP3 sites, but my evil proxy servers at work prevent me from checking them out while here. I’ll check when I get home though.

Great, thanks.