Russia banned from 2018 Olympics


Seems they already had about 2 dozen athletes banned already.

Putin ain’t gonna be happy about this.

How strong are they traditionally in the Winter Games? They haven’t had the podium in figure skating recently.

Seems like back in the day, they could engrave the Protopopovs’ names on the gold medal for pairs skating two Olympics in advance. Their hockey team was a beast before NHL players got into the act. Seems like they’re generally in the top tier of medal totals.

Now, let’s see if this ban sticks. I’m thinking that they’ll grease the appropriate palm somewhere and get back in the games.

Apparently “clean” athletes can still compete, but under the Olympic banner, not Russia.

Some of their athletes will be allowed to compete under the Olympic flag.

Still, anytime something comes up with Russia, I always assume it can be solved with bribes.

Although I support the NHL not stopping the season for the Olympics, the hockey tournament without a Russian team is going to be of even less interest. NBC had better hope the figure skating and ice dancing continues to bring in the ratings.

Same thing could be said about the Olympic Committee itself. If there’s any organization proven to be amenable to bribery…

In a complex world shaded in difficult decisions and uncertain consequences it is often difficult to tell when you are on the right side of an issue or conflict. But there are a few unambiguously clear signs when you’ve made the right decision, such as:
[li]When you decline an invitation to go up to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel suite,[/li][li]When David Duke refueses to endorse your run for office, and[/li][li]When you make Vladimir Putin unhappy in any way, shape, or form.[/li][/ul]


We need a cage match for the most corrupt: FIFA vs IOC

FIFA is much more corrupt. The IOC has at least attempted to pretend to look less corrupt. :stuck_out_tongue:

IAAF already has a ban on Russia (they competed as “independent athletes” at this year’s World Championships in London). I just wonder who is going to be affected. Except maybe for curling and ice dancing, you can make a case for every winter sport being affected. A pairs throw quadruple Salchow can always benefit from an “assist” to the man’s arm strength.

There won’t be a need for any bribes, except maybe to “expedite” entry waivers to athletes. They don’t need to be called “Russia” “officially” any more than the countries that “officially” boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics but showed up anyway (e.g. Great Britain, which also “marched under an Olympic flag” and “had the Olympic anthem played at medal ceremonies”) did; the commentators, news reports, and medal counts will all say, “Russia,” and after the Olympics, Putin probably will gather the medalists together, raise the Russian flag, and play the Russian anthem, as a symbol of support. The only way they are not “Russia” is if there are any other athletes from “independent countries” and they are lumped together with the Russians in the opening ceremony.

As for ice hockey, I don’t see the loss of Russia being as much of a blow as the NHL not letting its players participate. I am assuming this is not on a per-country or per-team basis; no NHL players will be given time off to play in the Olympics, period.

These things go in cycles - but the Russian women have been tearing it up in Figure Skating. Evgenia Medvedeva was a heavy favorite although she injured her foot a few months ago. She says she’s not sure what she’s going to do about the ban. It’s probably not her choice to make.

Not exactly. The man in the pair has to judge his strength in order not to throw his partner too high or too far, which would throw off her balance & timing. It’s about finesse as well as strength. And there’s not a drug in the world that will actually land the jump for you. That’s pure skill.

Does this mean the IOC members have to return their Sochi bribes?

This is all excellent news. Finally the IOC grow a pair.

I can’t see Russia being allowed back in until they actually admit to the official state-sponsored doping program.

Can you imagine the look on Putin’s face if forced to do that? Of course not for a second do I believe a mea culpa would come from his mouth, he’ll find a suitably high-up executive to throw to the wolves and create enough distance to him but still, wonderfully embarrassing for Russian sport.

Adderall is said to improve attention and focus, attributes that are important to curlers. Don’t know if it would really make much of a difference, or if Adderall is banned by the IOC.

But very small.

From ABC News:

*"Aleksander Zhukov, the head of Russia’s Olympic Committee, who himself was suspended on Tuesday by the IOC, said that it had been a victory that the word “Russia” would be on the neutral uniforms to be worn by those Russian athletes allowed to compete.

“They’ll be called Russian athletes and not some kind of neutrals … that’s very important,” The Associated Press quoted Zhukov as saying in Lausanne…
Zhukov also noted that the IOC statement announcing the decision included a clause that made it more palatable. The statement said that if Russia complies with the decision then its suspension could be lifted for the closing ceremony in Pyeongchang. That could mean Russia’s team, having competed as neutrals, would be effectively restored at the close, though it appeared any medals won by its athletes would not be recorded to the country."*

The anti-doping agencies of many countries had been pushing for a blanket ban. It’s surprising the IOC went as far as it did - it just wasn’t all that far.

Do you know who else had a very small pair? Wild Bill Hickok.

Himmler had something similar.

Wild Ball Hickok on the other hand…