Russia has invaded Ukraine. How will the West respond?

I found this, here:

Yes, that is the example I am remembering.

TheBudapest memorandum.

Is what the example and what does the Budapest memo have to do with it?

Are you making furtive posts from your PC at work, or something?

I believe they are in the process of “consulting”.

These are my thoughts as well. Crimea getting lumped in with Ukraine was somewhat of a historical accident. I think this situation might be best handled with a referendum. If most of the Crimean residents would rather be part of Russian than part of Ukraine, than I wouldn’t be that upset Russia ended up with it, as long as the transfer was peaceful.

It’s over? Syria’s still a bloody horror. How is anything “ended”?

I believe he meant that Russia and the US did not come to blows over Syria and managed to come to a resolution with respect to the CW issue.


:rolleyes: So, despite saying that this whole uprising and deposing of the Moscow favourite was a US plot, Putin is still the chess grandmaster because he sent troops in? Why don’t you explain that apparent paradox.

Ah but the Pro Russian East is where the Ukrainian wealth is

US and EU plot

Is Russia part of the the EU or the US?

Russians liberating Crimea?

Ukrtelecom now reporting that the Crimea is cut off from the mainland after facilities occupied, fibre optic cables cut

From who? Ze Jermans??..

Except, you know, Kiev, which happens to be both the wealthiest region in Ukraine AND repeatedly voted against pro-Russian candidates. Teeny detail though

5 Russian Il-76 planes filled with troops have landed at military airport in Gvardiysky near Simferopol

BBC report
Zhirinovsky stuck at Simferopol airport with the LDPR delegation and says they cannot fly back to Moscow because “Kiev have closed the airspace”

Jewish Synagogue closes doors to Friday sabbath after anti semitic attacks and death to Jews being painted on it’s walls

maybe the EU should just offer to take Kiev and leave the rest and they can surround it with a huge concrete wall and watch towers and an Iron Dome etc etc etc

Rather optimistic analysis from the L.A. Times.